Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Nigeria is a blessed nation with 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory – Abuja. It is the most populated nation in Africa with over 500 languages and tribes. The African state is crowned the first born in Africa and one of the most powerful African countries.

Amidst these, Nigeria as an independent nation has hundreds of beautiful sights, local government areas, millions of infrastructures, companies and cities. Despite the unfortunate fact that Nigeria has been a developing third world nation for a long time, it happens that this third world nation has several beautiful cities amongst which I’ve picked the top 10 and in no preferred order, compiled them hereunder.

These beautiful cities tend to be in the most beautiful States in Nigeria, judging by infrastructure and pleasantly looking landmarks. In no particular line of sorting, these cities happen to be the top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria by far:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria:

1. Calabar City

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Often classified as one of the most beautiful states and cities in Nigeria is Calabar. You’ll hear people say the state is clean, beautiful green flowers and leaves willow in the air from the ground as vehicles move with constrained speed, and Calabar is probably the neatest of all States.

True, Calabar is a pretty neat city with great people, great culture and believes. The city is large and has a number of tourist attractions; this is a good reason foreigners take a huge chunk of their time to visit, move around and relax in the state without much fear at all. In addition to its beauty, it’s also peaceful state, unlike several States in the country.

With a deluge of delicious ditches that can be found and excellently prepared nowhere else on earth, it’s easy to see a boatload of people trooping in from different corners of the country.

Talking about cultural richness, the people here make it so fun and lively as they host a street carnival known interestingly as the “Calabar Carnival”. It happens to be a street party much anticipated each year as tourists gather to watch and experience the display of several cultural dance moves and traditional costumes.

2. Warri City

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

People often talk about this city as a different city from other Nigerian cities because of the behavioral abnormalities on the part of the government and the people which has sprouted several crisis, affecting the entire state and borderline states in the past.

Notwithstanding, Warri is known to be the depot of natural resources, especially crude oil. Warri as a city is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, and one of the biggest cities in Delta state, Nigeria.

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It is one city the Federal Government puts carefully into consideration on many matters, and it has become a very popular city in Nigeria. With excellent road networks, and high performing foreign companies, the city has brought a lot of good to Delta state; its parent state.

3. Lagos City

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Lagos is one of the most beautiful States with the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. The city is a metropolis known in Africa to be one of the biggest and most busy. Daily, buildings of gigantic lengths and huge structures are constructed and renovated to better the entire view of the city.

Lagos is more than just fun, commercially feasible with really cool relaxation centres and resorts. It strives for excellence and represents such in juxtapose with other cities. Undoubtedly, Lagos is one of Nigeria’s most industrialized and commercial States. Everybody wants to be in Lagos because it’s fun, busy, unpredictable stuff happens there and it makes it more interesting to be there.

The state has a blend of sophisticatedly designed bridges, good roadways, skyscrapers, fat buildings with modern roofings, and other fanciful structures and features. It’s quite normal to get busy all day in Lagos, it makes no difference at nighttimes as the road and street lightings make the busyness a beauty, merging with the traffic fadeout between the hours of 3am to 4am. The nighttimes in Lagos is a whole new world with clubs lightening up, malls getting busy, restaurants and bars getting studded.

4. Abuja City

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Abuja city is the state for politicians, topnotch celebrities, governors, senators and all people charismatic in Nigeria. I’m not saying these celebrities and politicians do not live in other States, but Abuja seems to be the headquarters, why? Because it’s the masterpiece of all states with an excellent master plan structurally.

Abuja is a world-class city, one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, and also one of the many Nigerian states that can be classified as being industrialized. With so many beautiful centres of attraction, Abuja is more then haven to live in.

The city has exquisite hotels, malls, first-class restaurants, beaches, skyscrapers to the sky indeed, channelled roadways and railways, and tourist centres. The standard of living in this state, unlike Lagos state, is affordable and fair to the poor, not-so-rich, the rich, and the stinkingly rich!

5. Jos City

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Jos City is a beautiful Nigerian city with several uncommon characteristics. The city is Plateau state’s capital, and is known to be the city with captivating landscape by many. Jos, Plateau state has a number of natural attractions and structures which makes it one of the most visited cities by tourists in Nigeria.

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It has a game reserve, two rich museums, rocks and hills by natural happenings and a wildlife park that’s never too boring to visit, nor too dry to feed the eyes with amazing wildlife sights. There’s also a jaw-dropping waterfall in Jos, and the fact that is snows in this city makes it a top 10 most beautiful city in Nigeria.

It doesn’t snow in many Nigerian cities; at best a drop of ice infinitesimally hit the wet ground as it rains heavily – nothing like a snow. Although not entirely safe and neat, Jos is one best city to settle down as it’s got a lovable weather and cool umbworld.

6. Enugu City

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Enugu is dominated by the Igbo people who are commercial in nature. Due to it being a commercial state, the indigenous people of Enugu state, including the government of the state have been able to transform it into one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

It has really attractive infrastructures and buildings all over, with spaces filled either with commercial/shopping ventures. The road networks are neatly constructed with street lights and, Enugu is topographically attractive.

It was indeed planned with time, and time was taken to make the beauty of this state a reality. Arguably, Enugu is one of the best and most beautiful States dominated by the Igbo people. It’s also a safe city, although not entirely safe 100%, but the crime rate in Enugu state is drastically reduced.

7. Akure

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

The capital of Ondo state is also one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Akure is a city that’s relatively small, with a population of less than a million people. It is naturally blessed with a bulk of mineral resources and natural attractions.

In Akure, you find topnotch federal tertiary institutions, commercial farms, rocks. This city also has a seaport and landscapes that are simplistically beautiful. Akure is often described in little words as “little London”, this is somewhat true beholding the reality that it’s pretty much organized with little flaws.

8. Port Harcourt City

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

One of the most talked about cities in Nigeria is Port Harcourt. I’ve countless times heard people say there’s a lot of opportunity in Port. The city is large with modern landscapes pleasant to everyone. It is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria and it’s characterized by fantastic greenery. The commercial city is a deposit of international ventures, investments, multimillion naira copanies and industries.

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Ibadan is a wealthy city, there’s no reason to not simply love it, even for it’s modern infrastructures. It’s roadways are beautifully and attractively constructed, shorelines make the sights even more pleasant.

I won’t fail at this point to mention that the standard of living in Ibadan is really high as little items would cost you a lot of money. It makes use of an existing seaport to facilitate trade activities around.

9. Uyo City

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Here we have it, Uyo, the beautiful Queen amongst beauties. Uyo city is in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. The city is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, especially in the southern region. It is ethnically and culturally rich, has several topnotch hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, attractive centres for tourist views and relaxation.

Counting the safest cities in Nigeria to visit or live in, Uyo would be one of the top 5 safest cities in the country. Its people are beautiful with a common cultural belief. They’ve also got adorable intonation and accent from their mother tongue (indigenous dialect). Crime rate in Uyo state, although happens, but is almost at a zero rate. Uyo in Akwa Ibom is another place to visit as it is mostly cool and neat.

10. Kaduna City

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Kaduna city is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria today. It’s also a state mostly talked about, especially pertaining politics and huge funds allocation due to it’s size and population. It’s the most beautiful northern state, and fortunately, it has become beautiful enough to represent the northern part of Nigeria on this list.

One of Kaduna’s built tourist attractions is the Kajuru Castle, which is a similitude of castles built in European cities. Oftentimes, northern states are being badmouthed by journalists and even the inhabitants of the region. The negative broadcasts by the media and people living in several States have in many ways tamed Kaduna to be seen as insecure; home of insurgents.

Despite the verbal and psychological impediments, people in their thousands travel down to settle there and learn about the northern religion and tradition. By size, Kaduna settles as the third largest city in Nigeria, and it’s got great land views and structures.

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