Randy Wayne and HushPuppi: Who is the Richest?

Randy Wayne and HushPuppi: Who is the Richest
Randy Wayne and HushPuppi: Who is the Richest

Who is richer between Randy Wayne and HushPuppi, what’s their net worth? Randy Wayne and HushPuppi are two of the very famous Nigerian big boys making youths do things for money. They’re wealth stinks! And yes, they really earn it.

For Randy Wayne, he’s the CEO of a record label known as We The Business Records. He’s based in the United States, but occasionally travels down to Nigeria. When Randy Wayne is in Nigeria, his beautifully furnished mansion and cars in the country makes it all good.

Ray HushPuppi is one of the most followed Nigerian big boy and socialite who’s known for dazzling in all sorts of Gucci wears and also in insanely costly rides. Who’s richer between Randy Wayne and HushPuppi? Find out…

Randy Wayne and HushPuppi: Who is the Richest & What’s Their Net Worth?

Randy Wayne’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

Randy Wayne and HushPuppi: Who is the Richest

Randy Wayne is an American-based Nigerian entrepreneur and billionaire. He’s the CEO, We The Business Records. Randy is pretty young, lives in a multimillion naira luxury mansion and has several flashy cars worth hundreds of millions in Nigeria.

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He’s also got super expensive wristwatches and also, he’s got a $15 million dollar diamond teeth grill. This diamond grill is worn by a few American rappers like Birdman and Lil Wayne.

Randy Wayne’s record label hasn’t grown to become a leading one in the United States just yet, but the future is super clear with what’s on ground already. Surprisingly, he was born in Benin City, Edo State, and he joins the gang of the top Nigerian big boys living lavishly in Nigeria.

While his net worth has been pagged at a huge $30 million dollars, Randy’s wealth source is not fully known and this figure is just a shadow representation of what he really has if he acquired just a diamond grill for the sum of $15 million dollars. That’s not even half the money he truly has.

Ray HushPuppi’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

Randy Wayne and HushPuppi: Who is the Richest

HushPuppi obviously has become more than just a public figure, he’s news himself. He’s a Nigerian philanthropist, and socialite who’s lavish lifestyle has returned over 700 thousand Nigerians following him up on Instagram, and also, hoping to become like him.

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He’s a big spender and is one of the guys Nigerian musician 9ice mentioned in his song titled “Living Things”. Ray HushPuppi was birthed as Raymond Igbalodely on June 14, and his birth year is currently unknown.

HushPuppi lives a luxurious lifestyle and he works for his money anyway. Based in Malaysia, he boasts of being a Gucci ambassador. This boast by HushPuppi hasn’t been backed with official details of the ambassadorial deal with the mega brand just yet.

To this fact, all HushPuppi puts on seem to carry the Gucci brand mark on them, he’s a diehard Gucci lover and his fans love him for this. With over 700k followers on IG, HushPuppi shares photos of himself in different cities, at different high class boutiques and in his private jet and exotic cars.

Yet his profession is unknown, but we know he’s a billionaire and his money comes in like an unstoppable flood. As reported by news outlets, the Malaysian-based Nigerian acquired a Rolls Royce which is worth several millions of naira.

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In the past several months, HushPuppi and entertainers like Davido, Kcee and Phyno have been on the media stream as constant exchange of punches through words on the social media Networks turned countless over wristwatch brand named Patek Philippe and known to be worth over N40 million naira.

It was also reported that HushPuppi spent a whooping N11.5 million naira on drinks at Quilox nightclub, Lagos just to prove a point that he’s in no league with Davido when it comes to money.

HushPuppi has a calculated bet worth of $20 million dollars. He could be having quarter of this figure in cash in his house as several times have revealed HushPuppi’s sleeping photos with bundles of dollar bills.

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