Football and Music: Which is the Richest in the World?

Football and Music: Which is the Richest in the World?
Music and Football are two of the most profitable areas in entertainment and sports. Music industries pull millions from a single music sale, football players are top stars and make hell a lot of money.

What I’ll be doing today is analyzing what career would be the best paying one and determine this by pointing out a few stars from both sides…



Music is fun to here and more to create. Depending on the level of fame one has attained, making a $billon dollar fortune here would be almost impossible here for the players in the game (stakeholders excluded).

For example, none of the musicians have yet attained a net worth of $1 billion dollar. Dr Dre, the richest musician alive, is just $170 million dollars away from $1b.

Music can also be frustrating without the fame. You sing and have people listen to your song, but there’s no return of income for you. The world is a large box, and music is more than sound nowadays.

It’s business and people have gone to sit with the wealthiest people in the world just because they’re musicians. The highest paid musician currently is Taylor Swift, earning a total of $175 million dollars in 2016.

Musicians are more likely get endorsement deals from huge companies (a d small ones too), they go on tours, they are featured in other artistes’ songs, they get advert offers and also host events and sell tickets.

All these are the goodies of being a musician and it’s still music paying them off. To the fullest, music is blossoming.

The richest musician, Dr Dre, is worth $880 million dollars. All the booties didn’t come from music, but music open doors to more income and investments.



Football is a sport almost everyone loves and it is one of the top paying sports in the world, alongside boxing, golfing and basketball playing.

There’s hardly a player who has earned a billion dollar in soccer as a footballer, or is there any you know of? Didn’t think so.

On a fairer note, enough money was earned by the known highest paid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, enough to compare him with millionaire musicians like Jay Z and Dr Dre. He has a net worth of $400 million dollars (according to Bank Rate).

Footballers earn steadily per week and are fit to the call, though not all. FIFA is in its billions, there’s too much money flowing around clubs and Coach pockets in Football.

You’ll get a comfortable life playing football, but a lavish and even more comfortable one with music. Although, you don’t have to always get in the football field to earn. You could play once a season and still get the weekly alert.

You could be in the bench and second list of alternatives and still earn really well, but, the more skillful you become, the more clubs will be willing to shake billions on you and that means more value and money added to your football career.

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