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Yahoo plus rituals and how it works

You’ve heard a lot of people engage in what is now popularly called yahoo – a moniker given to internet scam in Nigeria, every guy is now either a yahoo boy or an aspiring Yahoo boy seeking mentorship.

The problem is, it doesn’t work so easily and boys are trying to make money fast instead of waste time on the internet and get little to nothing in return after 3 months of wasting subscription money on the net.

One thing boys do now to get the money is yahoo plus. Okay, the plus means seeking supernatural support and backing. This has made it really easy for boys to do Yahoo yahoo and “hammer!” In a month.

What’s Yahoo Plus?

It’s a term popularly used in African countries especially in Nigeria to describe the use of charms to make money online through scam. His makes it easy for people to do whatever they tell them to do on the internet.

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According to reports of boys going mad and naked on the street, there are different Yahoo plus rituals boys do now to make quick money and some notable ones are stated below this note:

1. Using loved ones as sacrifice. This will drain your joy even if you have a room filled with money, enjoying it goes with guilt and bitter thinking. 

Some guys are asked to use their parents, siblings and even best friends and lovers, all depending on who the most loved person is.

2. Using the money but it’s only an accumulation of all the money you’re to make in a lifetime. 

If one was supposed to make N500 million in the whole of his life, and was supposed to die at age 85, the N500 million naira will come and lifespan would be shortened to 45 or even lower than that. 

It makes sense since you want quick money, they said “enjoy it all and go”.

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3. Having the money to spend but you can’t give friends, can’t use your house, can’t have kids, can’t sleep at night, MUST sleep with the opposite sex frequently, can’t bath, and other conditions.

Why some tend to have future problems like running mad, and even meeting their doom, it’s because of these many conditions or oath and more have been broken.

I’m an advocate of individual opinions, free living, and everybody has to live different lives and lifestyles; do not be cajoled by the lavish and expensive lifestyles you see your age grade yahoo boys live; you can be more.

If want to become a Yahoo boy; live the best life! but what’s the essence of doing yahoo plus if Aliko Dangote will still be richer than you? It doesn’t favour everyone, but you only have to try it to know if it will favour you, right?

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Do what’s best for you to make your money, but I don’t think either Yahoo plus rituals, or just the ordinary internet scam is a way! Live the good life that glorifies God.

This is Sunday and it’s where my preaching starts from!… Don’t let people talk you into something or out of something once you know you can do it and you’re determined. Yahoo isn’t the way, look unto God.

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