Top 10 Biggest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria

Top 10 Yahoo Guys in Nigeria
Top 10 Biggest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria

This is a censored list of the richest Yahoo boys in Nigeria who are mainly Nigerians and also the most popular ones known worldwide. While there may be other unknown bigger boys in the country, the listed ones are the ones we know and the ones that have been able to create a name on the web for spending and posting lavish photos.

What makes them the alleged Yahoo guys in Nigeria is because their wealth source is not fully known, they spend time having fun but grow richer by the day. This is yet another censored list as the first was published here. This is your list of the top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria…

Top 10 Biggest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria:

1. Ray HushPuppi

Ray HushPuppi

HushPuppi is increasingly becoming famous by the day. He’s a popular name in news sites and blogs. Ray HushPuppi who was born to a poor family but became super wealthy after four years in Malaysia now has one of the largest following on the social media network, Instagram.

He grew to become very famous after several media fights with Nigerian celebrities like Ice Prince, Kcee, Phyno and Davido. He was also mentioned by Ayo Makun, a very enterprising Nigerian comedian.

Just like other big boys, he shows off his belongings in photos shared on Instagram and Twitter, and also has really expensive items.

This is the guy who spent N11.5 million naira at a Lagos Nightclub called Quilox just to make it known to Davido that he’s “selfmade”. He is a self acclaimed Gucci Ambassador and from secured sources, he earns per day.

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2. Shy Boss

Shy boss

Shy Boss looks the most innocent on the list, sure he’s got the most innocent looks and cash to it. He’s a Nigerian socialite who disguises? himself in really expensive wears and accessories.

Shy Boss isn’t so shy, no one knows why he used Shy, or maybe he’s shy because we really don’t know him, but all we know is this guy tops the list here as a top Nigerian big boy. On IG, he has over 180k followers who are witnesses to his luxury photos and lifestyle.

3. Mompha


Mompha is a married businessman in Lagos State, Nigeria and he is considered the one of the top Nigerian big boys. He posts photos of himself flaunting piles and bunches of dollar and naira bills on his Instagram page.

This has given over a hundred thousand people following him a new orientation towards hard work and money.

He also posts photos of a kid boy counting heavily hipped currencies. To some point, the source of his wealth is known as he reportedly owns the Mompha Bureau De Change venture in Lagos State.

4. Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha is one of the Nigerian big boys 9ice called out in his song titled “Living Things”. He’s based in Malaysia but sometimes strolls into his birth country, Nigeria.

Born as Badmus Akeem O., Baddy Oosha has overnight become a good actor after featuring in Toyin Aimakhu’s film known as “Alakada Reloaded”.

Aside 9ice who mentioned him, he has also gotten mentions by Nigerian music stars like Lil Kesh and YBNL label boss, Olamide Baddo Sneh.

5. King Jide

King jide

He’s a stylish guy known as the Mayor of Capetown. Though a Nigerian, he’s based in South Africa and there he has a whole lot of fans, lovers and relatives.

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If you browse through news sites frequently, there’s certain hopeful percentage of a chance that you’ve heard read about him; the guy who squandered a wholly N5 million naira on 1 Dom Perignon and 30 Ace of Spades in Lagos, Nigeria.

All everyone apart form himself knows is that he earns and drills in millions but the source is unknown.

6. Opa6ix


Opa6ix is one of the biggest boys in Nigeria and his name has been mentioned so many times with the other Nigerian big boys like Kayode Philips and H Money.

This guy spends like crazy! The funniest thing is that these guys on this list make the average Nigerian youth see no reason why they need two kidneys, one can do the work.

Well, Opa6ix was birthed as Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun and has been mentioned in songs by Nigerian music acts like Small Doctor, Indigenous rapper Reminisce and most recently, 9ice.

7. Aremo Gucci

Aremo Gucci

He’s a really popular socialite with hundreds of thousands of followed on Instagram. Aremo Gucci just like his name implies is a Gucci killer and lover, he’s known for spending lavishly and also has a taste for expensive wears.

He has flashy cars and the place where he lives is so classy and exquisite. He’s one of the top big boys in Nigeria who tries to stay hidden, but is exposed pulled into fame for his luxury living.

8. B Naira

B Naira

B Naira is a musician. He earns from his music sales and he also has music producing facilities. His song titled “Jasi” eared him fame and recognition in the Nigeria music industry. He was born as Adewale Adebayo and he lives in Lagos State.

B Naira is a native of Ekiti State, although he studied Geography and graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He’s rich, young, heavily followed and loved for his simplistic, but luxury living.

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9. Investor BJ

Investor bj

Investor BJ is considered the biggest boy on the list. Though he claimed to be the only recognizable African by Gucci in Malaysia, we have certain reasons to believe this.

He’s one of the socialites 9ice praised in his song titled “Living Things”, alongside Opa6ix, Hushpuppi and Baddy Oosha. It went all on news when Investor BJ blasted Hushpuppi for testing clothes and taking photos with them at the Gucci office.

He then posted a photo of himself in Malaysia at the office where he bought a few costly Gucci outfits. This time he captioned the photo with words that points at Hushpuppi’s showoff and dramatically nice photos with the Gucci brand products.

10. Deskid Wayne

Deskid Wayne

Deskid Wayne makes one the most unusual big boys on the list. Normal guys with such money as him will go out with several girls per week, but no, he’s satisfied with his girlfriend he calls “The Queen”.

Deskid Wayne is living the best life as one of the Biggest guys in Nigeria. Though young and not so tall, his money is longer than two ladders placed on each other.

He got to become quite noticed by the media when he lighted up a dollar currency, reportedly the highest, and published the photos online.

Deskid posts soft intimidatingly cute photos with his girlfriend on the social network Instagram and leaves his over 5k followers to drop their thoughts.

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