Top 10 Richest Kid Celebrities in Nigeria & Their Net Worth

Top 10 Richest Kid Celebrities in Nigeria & Their Net Worth
The idea that kids aren’t mature enough to do certain things in Nigeria most especially has been a reigning factor leading to laziness both on the part of parents to invest wisely and widely in their kids, and also on the part of the kids to do anything meaningful with and in the early stages of their lives.

Yet, some kids have proven astoundingly, that it is possible to make childhood millions, and also grow up to achieve easily desired goals. Nigeria as a nation has made everything based on education, and school alone.

This is continually a bane in the youth development process in the country as kids grow up to know facts that won’t help them in real life, hence, becoming irrelevant youths. Only a few who take up their hobbies seriously as kids end up becoming very good at it in future and also living off these hobbies.

Today, we graciously present the top 10 richest kid celebrities in Nigeria who notwithstanding the competition in almost every sector, have proven to be valuable. Although, not all of these kids got to the top by preparation or hardwork, grace and luck had parts to play as well in the case of some kids on this list. So here we go, pushing out the top 10 richest kid celebrities in Nigeria and their net worth…

Top 10 Richest Kid Celebrities in Nigeria and Their Net Worth

10. Mompha Junior | Net Worth: $4,000 Dollars

Mompha Junior

Mompha Junior is what we know him to be at his point. He is the son of Ismaila Mustapha, a Nigerian business magnate and friend of Nigerian big boy, HushPuppi. His father, Ismaila Mustapha, owns a business in Lagos State known as Mompha Bureau De Change. This kid has handled more money than most grownups in the country.

His Dad doesn’t even hide the several millions he earns from him. Photos of Mompha Jnr holding d flaunting dollar bills have also been shared through his Dad’s Instagram handle, perhaps, he could be undergoing cash training on how to handle dollar bills in millions.

What an interesting training this would be. Mompha Junior does have really costly items. From his accessories and clothes, to his shoes, for sure, he’s one of the richest kid celebrities in Nigeria.

9. DJ Young Money | Net Worth: $6,000 Dollars

DJ enimoney

DJ Young Money is a kid celebrity worthy of acknowledgement. He was just 10 years of age by the time he got to become really famous as one of Nigeria’s youngest and active Disk Jockeys.

He displays and does perform at public events, has done mixes, and covers comedy events. DJ Young Money does earn pretty beautifully from his work and this has got him going as one of the richest kid celebrities in Nigeria.

8. Ify Ufele | Net Worth: $8,000 Dollars

Ify Ufele

Ify Ufele is a Nigerian fashion designer. She’s was at the incredible age of 7 when she started her career as a fashion designer. Ify is what would be called a child entrepreneur as she started very early and hopefully will make a big change in the field of fashion as she grows older and gains more experience in the field.

Ify is a celebrity, an individual worth celebrating for her ingenious ability of design clothes and make them at such an incredibly tender age.

7. Amarachi Uyanne | Net Worth: $9,000 Dollars

Amarachi Uyanne

Amarachi Uyanne is one of the first youngest individuals to win the “Nigeria’s Got Talent” show with a prize of N10,000,000. Immediately emerging the trophy earner at the talent hunt show, she burst into limelight.

For such a kid to become the winner of such a very competitive talent show, the she’s got uniqueness as a birth trait. Upon winning the show, Amarachi has been attending shows, taking deals and earning cool cash for herself as she explores even more. She’s one of the richest kid celebrities in Nigeria at this moment.

6. Ozzy Bosco | Net Worth: $10,000 Dollars

Ozzy Bosco

Ozzy Bosco is one of the kid wonders in Nigeria. As a musician, Ozzy Bosco has featured topnotch Nigerian musicians.

The kid celebrity has been nothing but an amazement, a kid music act with skills inborn. Ozzy currently earns handsomely, ad also signed a couple ambassadorial deals with brands. He’s in fact a top kid star in the Nigerian entertainment industry with his name becoming even more sensational by the day.

5. Marylove Edwards | Net Worth: $15,000 Dollars

Marylove Edwards

Marylove Edwards lands on the list as the 5th richest kid celebrity in Nigeria today. She’s a sportsperson and has gotten the attention of the Nigerian Federal Government. In addition, Marylove has also gotten brand endorsements, engaged in competitions and names a lot of money from her career as a sportsperson, even as a kid.

4. Destiny Boy | Net Worth: $18,000 Dollars

Destiny boy

This is the awesome kid who scored  and sang Davido’s hit song titled “IF”. Destiny Kid’s name went viral just as the video of him performing the song in a unique pattern went viral.

Since then, he’s met top stars in the music industry of Nigeria and hopefully gets deals to perform and record at events. For sure, this kid hasn’t gone so viral without a bundle thousand of naira bills to his account. He’s one of the richest kid celebrities in Nigeria.

3. Segun Wire | Net Worth: $25,000 Dollars

Segun Wire

Segun Wire is regarded as the youngest known wire wire boys in Nigeria. He became so popular after a video of him stating that he wants to be a yahoo boy when he grows up.

This kid has been one of the media’s top talks for a while now. Segun Wire is now very popular, rolling with the biggest Nigerian boys (known also as Yahoo boys) and earning so much while living big alongside his mentors.

He got back at Falz on Instagram after the rapper posted a content regarding the hype and praise of yahoo boys by Nigerian musicians. The clap back wasn’t so friendly, and we suspect someone else must’ve crafted the writeup and pasted it through the kid star’s account.

2. Ahmed StarBoy | $28,000 Dollars

Ahmed Starboy

Ahmed StarBoy is currently the latest rapper signed to Wizkid’s StarBoy Entertainment. The kid rapper is from the same hometown as Wizkid, Ijebu Ode. Luck fell on him when he decided to rap on stage, and he did so outstandingly. After his performance, Wizkid decided to sign him into his record label and give him a cool cash of N10 million naira for a start.

Ahmed is currently in the spotlight, we await his first single. Yet, we don’t know how awesome he is. With N10 million naira and an official record deal with StarBoy Entertainment, Ahmed has shines as one of the richest kid celebrities in Nigeria overnight.

1. Emmanuella | Net Worth: $30,000 Dollars


You know this one already, don’t you?? Emmanuella is a brilliant kid comedienne. She got to limelight at age 6 and her comedy skits with her uncles Mark Angel and Denilson Igwe have gathered over 50 million views on YouTube in total. She’s currently training herself to be a better stand-up comedienne as she’s not booked to perform on stage with top comedians in Nigeria.

She earns a lot from YouTube videos and other deals. Emmanuella Samuel’s talent was discovered by her uncle, Mark Angel who has produced several comedy videos in the past, but without success. This time, they earn several thousand dollars per month from YouTube alone.

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