Mikel Obi and P Square: Who is Richer?

Mikel Obi and P Square: Who is Richer?
Mikel Obi and P Square: Who is Richer?

Who is richer between Mikel Obi and P Square, what is their net worth? Celebrities are celebrated for their achievements and contributions to certain important endeavors, be it music, politics, sport, comedy, film acting and more.

These celebrities most times live very comfortable lives different from the ones normal people live and are deserving of more for their title as celebrities.

In Nigeria, it is often asked who’s got a better lifestyle and more money between musicians and footballers and it ends with an argument, where there’s no generally accepted truth.

Today, we’ll find out which pays more between music and football in Nigeria, and the best way to do this is pick the most successful and “Richest” in both areas. The most popular and currently highest paid footballer in Nigeria happens to be Mikel Obi.

In music, several Nigerians would vote P Square as their first love and so, Mikel Obi and P Square are the central focus of discussion today. Who is The Richest between Mikel Obi And P Square. Let’s find out…

Mikel Obi and P Square: Who is Richer?

Mikel Obi’s Net Worth

Mikel Obi and P Square: Who is Richer?

Mikel Obi is a professional footballer and one of the richest in Nigeria. He earns about £3 million pounds yearly. Mikel is also paid over £140,000 pounds weekly at his new Chinese club, Tianjin TEDA.

Obi was said to be the highest paid Nigerian footballer in 2016 and he still holds the title now. He is very successful and has made over $20 million dollar fortune playing for the English club Chelsea. He also received £2 million pounds cash gift upon his transfer to Tianjin TEDA.

Aside football, Mikel Obi has penned multimillion naira endorsement deals with Samsung and popular soft drink producer anf brand, Pepsi.

He has a mansion in London where he lives when he’s playing for Chelsea, he has houses in Jos, Lagos and other Nigerian States.

Obi Mikel also has the finest of luxury cars including a Bentley Continental GT and a Mercedes G 500. The footballer is known to be skillful, and also super rich.

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He has made a life of comfort successfully for his family and himself. Clubs are willing to pay almost anything to get this player, he’s good and that’s why he earns more than most Nigerian footballers.

Obi Mikel has an estimated net worth of $85 million dollars. He has also invested part of his wealth in building and developing real estates across Nigeria.

P Square’s Net Worth

Mikel Obi and P Square: Who is Richer?

This duo singers have made name across the globe musically. They’ve even had the chance to not just meet, but invite the richest man in Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, over to their newly completed multimillion naira mansion.

P Square has become a household name in Nigeria, they started decades ago and have hundreds of millions of fans across the world. They’re currently the richest musicians in Nigeria and are set to hold the title for a longer time.

Individually, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye would he on the top 5 richest musicians in Nigeria, but with their wealth and earnings combined as a duo artiste, the first spot will mostly be theirs.

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They have mounted stages in several countries in Africa and outside Africa. They have invested in real estates in both Nigeria and the United States.

They also have over a billion naira house in Lekki, Lagos State, which is an attraction to pedestrians. The duo earn over N100 million naira as Globacom representatives.

They own a Limo, yachts, a private jet, and other billion naira items. They’re outfits are a thing to talk about, they also have customized iPhones designed with diamonds.

P Square has an estimated net worth of $70 million naira and they have made over N5 billion naira from music sales through online platforms and offline marketing.

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