HushPuppi and Dangote: Who is Richer?

HushPuppi and Dangote: Who is Richer
HushPuppi and Dangote: Who is Richer?

Who’s richer between HushPuppi and Dangote, what’s their net worth? HushPuppi and Dangote and in two different spheres of life. One, a realtime businessman and entrepreneur, the second, a young lavishly living guys with several millions in his account, a socialite and philanthropist.

Let’s not be too quick to conclude with an opinion that suggests Dangote is richer. Well, he may not be. He isn’t the sole owner of his enterprises, he has big-time stakeholders and without their input, Dangote would be dip down the list of richest men, or billionaires in Africa.

HushPuppi doesn’t talk too much about his wealth. He owns it all and allows cool photos on his Instagram page to give you the gist on how cool he’s living. It is an habbit to choose the most popular personalities over the infamous ones especially when it boils down to wealth.

Ray HushPuppi is one of the most talked about socialites in Nigeria. Mr. Aliko Dangote is one of the most talked about successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa in entire. Still on still, who’s richer between HushPuppi and Aliko Dangote? More hereunder…

HushPuppi and Dangote: Who is Richer?

Ray HushPuppi’s Net Worth

HushPuppi and Dangote: Who is Richer

Ray HushPuppi is a Malaysian based Nigerian socialite who has become so popular across Nigeria especially after his media scuffle with Nigerian musicians Davido, Kcee, Ago Makun and Phyno. The big time socialite who claimed to be a Gucci ambassador has transferred N200k to each of his fans accounts after asking them to drop their accounts number.

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The fans testified, receiving N500k and some, N200k after dropping their account details. Ray HushPuppi also washed down N11.5 million naira on drinks at Quilox nightclub and also wrote on Snapchat that everyone else with a net worth below N100 million naira should stay home and not come to the nightclub.

What this means is that, N100 million naira is nothing. The N11.5 million naira he spent on drinks alone was to show that he’s self made, and prove to popular musician Davido that he’s the real deal when it comes to who’s got more money.

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HushPuppi has accessories worth millions of naira, and this includes about 2 Patek Philippe wristwatches worth about N40 million naira. He also has a Rolls Royce according to media reports, and has exotic vehicles worth several millions of naira.

Ray HushPuppi spends wild and his wardrobe, including shoes, is worth more than N20 million naira. He’s one of the top Nigerian big boys and is currently the most followed and most talked about one among many others in the country. His net worth is believed to be around $20 million dollars.

Dangote’s Net Worth

HushPuppi and Dangote: Who is Richer

Dangote is one of the most successful people in Africa. His wealth is one that till date has not been matched until this post. Aliko Dangote is known across Africa as a billionaire and his investments across Africa keeps adding value and earning his so much money.

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He’s the founder of Dangote Cement, the most popular cement producing company in Nigeria which branches in other African countries. The factory, Dangote Cement has projected the yearly production of 58.5 million metric tonnes of of cement before 2020 and was currently producing 44 million metric tonnes.

Aliko Dangote who was birthed on the 10th of April in 1957 is also the founder of Dangote Group, a group that manufactures several commodities and goods with branches in Ethiopia, Cameroon, South Africa, Senegal and their countries in Africa.

Aliko Dangote fleet of cars costs millions of naira, he lives in a mansion worth billions of naira and he is very lucrative in thinking. Currently, Aliko Dangote has an estimated net worth of $12.1 billion dollars.

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