Top 10 Highest Paid Bloggers in Nigeria

Top 10 Highest Paid Bloggers in Nigeria

Top 10 Highest Paid Bloggers in Nigeria

Here’s a list of the highest paid bloggers in Nigeria. These bloggers make the most money out of their online projects and blogs, have a reasonable audience base in millions and some are the most popular in the country.

Blogging is going professional and people have realized that they don’t need to work hard in physical to earn and to feed their families.

This makes it more interesting as millions of bloggers exist in Nigeria, but out of this battalion of Nigerian bloggers, a few stand out as the lead icons and lay footprints for the fold to follow. These are the highest paid bloggers in Nigeria…

Top 10 Highest Paid Bloggers in Nigeria:

10. Bamidele Onibalusi

Bamidele Onibalusi

Nigerian professional blogger and entrepreneur, Bamidele Onibalusi, who started writing as a career when he was 16 is one of the highest paid bloggers in Nigeeia.

He is the founder of which attracts visitors from India, the United Kingdom, Nigeria and several countries.

Bamidele is also a big time freelancer and guest writer whose articles have been featured on superpower blogs like Entrepreneur and Huff Post.

He generates over $5000 dollars monthly from Writersincharge and his other online projects.

9. Laden Liadi

Ladun Liadi

Laden Liadi runs a multimillion dollar gossip blog;, which features celebrity gossips, recent stories, global trends and other genres of content.

Her blog is highly trafficked, getting millions of eyeballs per month. She generates over $15,000 dollars every month.

She’s very well popular and her blog looks like and functions as the best alternative to Linda Ikeji’s blog as it is usually updated severally with over 30 posts rolled out on a daily basis with a similar design and colouration.

8. Stella Dimoko Korkus

Stella Dimoko korkus

She’s one of Nigeria’s most loved blogger and also, very original. Most bloggers copy from this blogger who quit her job as a journalist for Ecomium Magazine to become a full-time Germany-based Nigerian blogger.

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Her blog, is visited thousands of times per day and she genrates over $17,000 dollars per month.

Her blog is pretty original and lovely, she doesn’t go around copying other blogs, she’s original and her audience always wants to know her take on any issue through her posts.

7. Chude Jideonwo

Chude Jideonwo

Chude Jideonwo is the author and blogger at the Nigerian youth culture blog, The blog features a professional writing style in drafting articles about the lifestyles and culture of the average Nigerian youth.

It also pounds out job employment opportunities, recent happenings and gossips nowadays. The blog is worth millions of naira and generates over $18,000 dollars per month.

6. Noble Igwe

Noble igwe

Noble Igwe is an interesting businessman and fashionista who created a one of the most popular Nigerian entertainment blogs today,, back in 2010.

He also created the 360Group Limited in 2009 and earns from a number of sources. From, Noble Igwe earns over $20,000 dollars per month. He’s a brilliant fashionista and an excellent husband too.

5. Laila Ijeoma

Laila Ijeoma

One remarkable blogger on this list of highest paid bloggers in Nigeria is Laila Ijeoma. She doesn’t allow being a top blogger in Nigeria get into her head.

She’s a banker and blogger, married and have wonderful kids. Laila Ijeoma is the blogger at and founder of, a gossip blog which features foreign and national breaking news, shocking stories and other anticipated happenings.

She has been interviewed by a number of popular media outlets in Nigeria and in those interviews, she reveals that she started blogging as a fun thing, not for money as she was already a big girl, earning over N200,000 naira monthly.

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Laila has her fan base comprising of millions of individuals, some of which are foreign citizens who can’t wait to see what’s on Lailasblog every morning. Lailasblog is worth millions of dollars, and generates over $20,000 dollars on a monthly basis.

4. Uche Eze Pedro

Uche Pedro

Uche Pedro of is also one of the highest paid bloggers in Nigeria. She’s one of the earliest too, speaking of individual bloggers who started alone, exclusing online magazines and newspapers like Vanguardngr and Punchng. is generates over $25,000 dollars monthly. Uche Pedro’s contents are highly quality and detailed as Bellanaija is one of the best blogs with the most professional look and professionally written content in Nigeria.

From weddings, events and lifestyle, to detailed gossips, breaking news and brand reviews, she’s got it covered.

3. Ovie Ofugara

Ovie Ofugara

Ovie Ofugara is the cofounder of the most popular music blog in Nigeria; While the earnings is split between two cofounders, Ovie Ofugara happens to appear on the list of highest paid bloggers in Nigeria as he’s the in charge and is the content manager of Notjustok.

The blog is managed by him, but founded by two internet personalities and entrepreneurs. Notjustok generates several millions monthly, not being overly specific, the blog pulls in over $30,000 dollars monthly from advertisement, promotion of new songs, and other forms of monetization implemented on the blog.

2. Makinde Azeez

Makinde Azeez

Makinde Azeez is the founder of one of the top 10 most visited entertainment blogs in Nigeria; is a multimillionaire blogger who’s usually overlooked and often seen as not big enough to be one of the richest bloggers in Nigeria.

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Well, Makinde receives well over 5 million page views per month. According to Alexa, Naijaloaded gets more traffic than even the most popular gossip blog by an individual (Lindaikejisblog), but there’s a reason Makinde is the second highest paid.

He’s a top blogger and this is primarily because he had the chance and space to start several years ago, which he did. Naijaloaded generates over $40,000 dollars monthly.

1. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is a business woman and model turned blogger. She is the founder of the most popular gossip blog,

She also manages other projects which are turning out to be worth millions of dollars really soon, including her social media; Lindaikejisocial, her music blog; Lindaikejimusic and her YouTube channel, LindaikejiTV which in the nearest future would hopefully be a standalone Vlog.

Linda rose to become the most popular and the richest blogger in Nigeria from being a model who couldn’t make headline. Today, her blog alone generates over $42,000 dollars per month.

Lindaikejisblog isn’t the most visited blog in Nigeria, but over 80% of advertisers in Nigeria choose to do deal and put their adverts on her blog whenever they have a couple of options.

From these directs advertising from mega brands in Nigeria, she earns millions per month. Like other popular bloggers on the list, she runs sponsored posts on her blog and charges N50,000 naira per sponsored post.

There’s a lot Linda Ikeji is doing to earn from her blogs and moreover, she has the internet strength to make just any blog traffic studded.

That’s all about the Top 10 Highest Paid Bloggers in Nigeria by Moss9ja

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