How to Join the Illuminati and Become Rich and Famous

How to Join the Illuminati and Become Rich and Famous
You want to join the Illuminati and become rich and famous? Well, let’s get started on what you need to become a member. Firstly, what’s the Illuminati? Do you have any idea what this is? We’ll tell you.

What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati is said to be a plural word for illuminatus, which is a Latin word. The Illuminati is the word put in use for describing a number of groups. The Illuminati was formed on May 1, 1776, as an enlightened secret society known as Bavarian Illuminati.

Part of the aims of the group was to oppose the abuse of state power, control the sympathizers of injustice without dominating them and to oppose superstition. Soon after the organization was formed, it was banned alongside Freemasonry and a couple of secret societies by Charles Theodore who was the ruler of Bavaria at that time.

This act was encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church in 1784, 1785, 1787 and 1790. After being declared banned by Charles Theodore, they operated underground and were criticised and defamed by religious groups and other groups claiming that they were the brainwork behind the French Revolution.

The Illuminati had intelligent individuals who were charismatic politicians and elites. These men included the Dukes of Gotha and Weimar, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Johann Gottfried Herder, Xavier von Zwack and Ferdinand and Brunswick. The Illuminati is the umbrella word for describing any organization affiliated to the Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret organizations.

Their goal allegedly is to control government, not just manipulate but formulate world policies and establish a New World Order. By then, the entire planet would submit to one government, accept one currency and operate on similar trade terms.

How to Join the Illuminati and Become Rich and Famous

Be Rich, Wealthy

The Illuminati secret society which isn’t so secret after all does not take in people without money or wealth. They believe in ideas that are extreme towards richest and if you’re not rich, you better start working to earn it. They pick the richest people in the society as they have the tendency to support and carryout their plan to change the world.

Be Influential

With ease, influential personalities get the membership label almost immediately. They perceive influential persons to have a large number of followers; people who will do what these influential individuals ask or want them to.

Definitely, everybody follower or fan of the influential person may not succumb to instructions, but well over half would. The Illuminati is a secret cult as perceived, they’ve got high values and the elites become members.

Build a Strong Connection Chain

Members of the society with strong networks are admitted as members into the organization. This is because, in its attempt to make world changes from internal planning and internal policies, world changers and people who make the world policies go round have to be involved and also influenced. This leads us to the next tip.

Be Something Useful; a Politician, a Movie Director, a Musician, a Medical Doctor, a Banker or Other Something Else

If you’re nobody, then you can’t be a member of this secret organization unless you’ve got a floating pile of money. The organization intends to cause a change by passing messages through musicians and movie directors (actors, script writers, authors), implementing medical policies and favorable health discoveries through highly placed medical doctors and consultants, formulate governmental regulations through politicians, and also financial policies through bankers and top persons in world finance sectors. This explains a lot.

Be Social and Be Financially Buoyant

When an individual isn’t social, it can be inferred that they lack certain charismatic values and this is against the stipulated values of the Illuminati. They believe in the pursuit of happiness and believe only sociable persons support human freedom and happiness.

They’re other characteristics an individual must possess naturally so as to become a member, but the stated ones are the core. The secret organization does not want to have members who live on terms of their parent’s earnings or income.

Why Join the Illuminati, Why Not Live Freely, Why Not Be a Part of Something Better?

The Illuminati isn’t a legal organization yet, but their Intentions supersede the intentions of governments and their legal bodies. Members of this group are not safe, they are under the influence of the Order for life and there’s no way back to being easily free.

If you’ve got all and you’re all listed above, and you’ve still got the intention and will, the desire to become an Illuminatus, then it’s a very hopeless end from here. On the other path, if you’ve got none of the above listed qualities, then there are other ways to make money than become an Illuminati member.

Without money, you won’t get close to becoming a member unless you’re super gifted, and that gift was given to change the world, not destroy it by allowing powerful and well organized hands exploit and manipulate it for the worst.

Be you an atheist, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Judaist or now, a Christian, there’s life after death on earth and that life is eternal. You determine where you end up after life on earth by making the right decisions while on earth.


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