Best English Speaking Tribe in Nigeria

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Best English Speaking Tribe in Nigeria! What Tribe is it?
Best English Speaking Tribe in Nigeria: What Tribe is it?

With over 500 languages in Nigeria and with English language and pidgin being the lingua-franca of the nation, it would be in place to say that they are tribes with the best spoken English persons asin Nigeria.

So what tribe speaks fluently the English language in Nigeria? There are some factors responsible for determining the tone of spoken English and they include…

Best English Speaking Tribe in Nigeria: What Tribe is it?

1. Birthplace

The place of birth matters a lot. This is the environment and it influences the speech pattern of an individual to a very large extent. If a child was birthed and brought up in the village, he or she may end up not knowing how to fluently speak English language.

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2. The Home

The goes a long way determining the pattern of speech of an individual. In a home where the native language of spoken as the major tool of communication, it can be difficult to speak in English language without traces of native language in the tongue of the individual.

3. Peer Group

Friends and neighbours who communicate on a daily with an individual affect the spoken language of that person. What he or she hears from them and speaks to them is of utmost importance. Communication is the key to growth, people must communicate to survive.

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What Tribe is the Best English Speaking Tribe in Nigeria?

The best English speaking tribes in Nigeria are the Bini, Yoruba, and the Urhobo. These tribes are speakers of the English language and traces of the mother tongue or language is not easily known for most products of the tribe.

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Although some Yoruba, Bini, and Urhobo people have allowed their different tribes to affect the ability of speech in English, a very large number of them haven’t. To not be partial in anyway, every one is unique, tribe notwithstanding.

People get to speak English very fluently from consistent studying and application of new words in describing common activities.

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