B Naira Net Worth: $840,000 Dollars

B Naira net worth

B Naira is a Nigerian big boy and singer with an estimated net worth of $840,000 dollars. He’s a pop star and known singer who got to limelight after dropping his hit single titled “Jasi”.

B Naira was birthed as Adewale Adebayo and is a native of Ekiti State, Nigeria. He studied geography and graduated with a degree from the University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

He joins the clique of other Nigerian big boys like Investor BJ and HushPuppi, both of whom are living the most lavish styles of life and sharing the expensive photos on their Instagram page.

B Naira is a fresh dude no doubt, is seriously loved and has lots of really expensive items including very expensive cars and an exquisite house, music recording facilities of first class, super showy wears and costly accessories.

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