Segun Wire Net Worth

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Segun Wire Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age
Segun Wire Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


Segun Wire is a young Nigerian public figure and socialite who rose to limelight after publicly declaring that he would love to become a yahoo boy when he grows up. Since the video went viral, ironically, people have not stopped searching for the young boy who isn’t afraid to speak out his mind on what he would want to be as a grownup.

Heretofore, Segun Wire’s biography is not readily available to the media, but he’s a Nigerian kid of Yoruba decent, and this post is a narrative of his net worth and facts about him – including how he got popular and other activities he’s into. Segun Wire’s source of income and wealth is also stated below the lines you read at the moment.

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Segun Wire Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

CAREER: Socialite
NET WORTH: $25,000 Dollars

Segun Wire Net Worth

Segun Wire has an estimated net worth of $25,000 dollars. He earns from a number of sources ranging from gifts and allowances by his guardians, and also, he signed a juicy endorsement deal with Magnum Stitches clothing brand. Segun Wire is also a musician, but his musical career isn’t blossoming yet as his very first quite popular track was in a collaboration with his career guardian Zlatan Ibile.

He got popular after a video of him talking about being a Yahoo boy when he grows older went viral on the internet. He’s quite a lucky young man as such video by a Nigerian would lead to police arrest or thorough investigation.

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He now has thousands of followers on social media network, Instagram, and has earned so much from his admirers. Segun wire recently signed a deal with a clothing company called Magnum Stitches in Nigeria, and he’s now regarded as a young star in Nigeria for being sharp enough to declare what he declared.

The really young social media superuser also gained fame and love when he clapped back at Nigerian rapper, Falz, for stylishly showing his disappointment in Segun Wire. He did that as he pounced on the idea of Entertainers praising fraudsters through his Instagram handle.

His post wasn’t directly about Segun Wire, but somehow, it could be inferred that it was about him as he posted it around the same time Segun Wire was on media and talked about the whole time. Very little is known about the personal life of Segun Wire, but certainly he’s into no sexual relationship at the moment. It is unsure if he’ll be into any in the next 5 to 7 years.

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