Investor BJ Net Worth

Investor BJ Net Worth

Who is Investor BJ?

Investor BJ is a Nigerian socialite and social media influencer who rose to prominence after sparkling a media beef with ridiculously popular Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi.

Investor BJ has been revealed to probably be a bigger boy than the aforementioned big boy ever since the realization of his tremendously hilarious luxurious lifestyle which he paints clearly through photos shared on his social media pages.

Investor BJ has an estimated net worth of $24 million dollars.

The main source of Investor BJ’s income and wealth is yet unknown.

He’s got a lot of people thinking he’s into ritualism, or other forms of illegal money making schemes like drug trading.

He is well known for parading Gucci wears and posting expensive photos of himself on the social media, Instagram.

From research undertaken by the net worth broadcaster, the Investor allegedly seems to be one of those Nigerian big boys making money on the internet through illegal activities, but invests the money he earns into other real life ventures.

Investor BJ claims to be the only African recognized by Gucci in Malaysia.

He also stated that he doesn’t snap too many photos during shopping, he simply buys his wears.

He has a lot of items worth millions of naira – from his wristwatches to his shoes and cars, the investor is indeed one of the biggest socialites the Nigerian musician, 9ice, praised in one of his songs.

Investor BJ has over 500,000 followers on Instagram alone, he controls the thoughts of a lot Nigerian youths through luxurious photos shared online, and he’s one of the top big boys including Ray Hushpuppi, Dharmie Richie, Ismaila Mompha, and Randy Wayne, known for living luxuriously.

From what has been gathered, Investor BJ is unmarried at the moment, and it is unknown if he’s got babymama or a girlfriend he’s serious with.

He spends a lot of money at nightclubs, he spends a lot on jewelries, cars, wears, and gadgets.

Very little is known about the personal life of Investor BJ, but clearly, he’s a Nigerian and he lives in Nigeria.

Investor BJ Wikipedia

At the moment, the Wikipedia profile of Investor BJ isn’t available.

Investor BJ House and Cars

Investor has a fleet of very expensive vehicles including a G-Wagon, and a Mercedes Benz.

His apartment is first-class luxury, and he lodges in some of the best hotels in Nigeria, Malaysia, and other countries.

Investor BJ Net Worth 2019

In 2018, the net worth of Investor BJ was $24 million dollars according to several sources.

Investor BJ Real Name

The real name of Investor BJ isn’t known. He reveals almost nothing about his personal life, and thus information is nowhere on the internet yet.

Investor BJ Age

Just like most of the other Nigerian big boys, the birth year and other details of Investor BJ has not been revealed.

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