Investor BJ and HushPuppi: Who is Richer?

Investor BJ and HushPuppi: Who is Richer?

Who is richer between Ray HushPuppi and Investor BJ, what is their net worth? They are two sensational socialites whose lavish lifestyles and social media drama have become a major source and field for juicy gossips.

Prior to Investor BJ claiming to be the only African Gucci recognizes in Malaysia, Ray HushPuppi has made numerous boasts about being the only Gucci Ambassador.

Ray HushPuppi and Investor BJ are two of the biggest boys rocking the Gucci brand and making the Nigerian youths go crazy for money. Who is richer between Investor BJ and HushPuppi?

Net Worth of Investor BJ

Investor BJ net worth

Investor BJ is a Nigerian socialite and investor who posts expensive photos of himself at different suited places in Malaysia, Nigeria and other countries (and this has in many ways left a lot of his fans dying to become like him).

He is one of the big boys Nigerian musician, 9ice praised in his song using the code “Chache”. Indeed, the young man is an investor has he has really expensive vehicles parked in his garage and a couple of million dollar businesses under his operation.

Investor BJ is super rich, and the source of his wealth is not known for sure, which made me close in on his wealth source. He invests in businesses and that’s what we know for sure.

His wristwatches and wears are worth millions and are of the most expensive brands. Currently, Investor BJ has a calculated net worth of $24 million dollars, which is more likely to soar than plummet.

Net Worth of Ray HushPuppi

Hushpuppi net worth
Ray HushPuppi on the other side is a young socialite who is intensely wealthy and successful. He prides himself as a Gucci Ambassador and for the most times we’ve sighted his rapport with music artistes; it’s a beef with them.

HushPuppi dares music artistes who think they’ve made enough money and shades them scornfully. He is well known and has friends around the world who respects and loves him.

What’s his source of wealth? Ray HushPuppi is an alleged Yahoo Boy who earns from the internet and a couple of deals he runs on the internet too.

He boards a private jet worth over $4 million dollars to run and maintain, he owns some of the most expensive cars, shoes and accessories amongst other socialites and musicians in Nigeria.

His house is crazily suited and he spends more on clothes, shoes, accessories and in clubhouses buying drinks in millions and partying. His net worth is a calculated $20 million dollars.

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