HushPuppi and E Money: Who is the Richest & What’s Their Net Worth?

HushPuppi and E Money: Who is Richer?

Who is richer between Ray HushPuppi and E Money, what is their net worth?? These guys are two of the biggest guys making our youths go crazy in Nigeria. They’re both super rich and have travelled to some of the most beautiful sights in the country and overboard.

HushPuppi is a self acclaimed Gucci ambassador, and E Money is a renowned billionaire who owns a money spraying device. Who’s richer between HushPuppi and E Money? Find out:

HushPuppi’s Fortune and Net Worth 


Ray HushPuppi is a Nigerian Big Boy also know as Aja Pappi. Recently, the rich dude has enjoyed spotlight from the media as he shades popular celebrities on the social media.

He’s a philanthropist, a socialite, and also an influential personality whose sources of wealth is yet to be self acclaimed by HushPuppi.

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He is a big-time spender who lavishly acquires wristwatches, shoes, golden wears and other accessories worth millions. He dazzles regularly in a private jet which is on a norm worth billions of naira to acquire and also, to maintain.

According to the media light and outlets, Ray HushPuppi owns a Rolls Royce, million naira wristwatches and it’s no more news that he squandered N11.5 million naira on just drinks at Quilox nightclub in Lagos State. HushPuppi has an estimated net worth of $20 million dollars.

E Money’s Fortune and Net Worth 

E Money

Popular music label Boss and businessperson, Emeka Okonkwo (famed as E Money) is a Nigerian business mogul and younger brother to Nigerian musician, Kcee.

He is a top guy in Oil & Gas shipping and production enterprise and has earned billions from the business. He’s the CEO at Five Star music records; a top music recording imprint in Nigeria.

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E Money is equally a spender. A better spender whose wealth would leave the average person intimated. The naira billionaire has super expensive cars and houses, dresses mostly in White Jalamia apparel and usually has his head wrapped in white clothing.

He’s also called “Arab Money” and loves to design and bath his personal belongings in gold. E Money has an estimated net worth of $27 million dollars.

So… Who is richer between HushPuppi and E Money?

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