The Most Wicked Tribe in Nigeria: Which is it?

The Most Wicked Tribe in Nigeria: Which is it?

Nigeria has over 200 tribes and 500 languages today which makes it one of Africa’s most populated and complex nations today. It’s the giant of Africa and is most populated, having some States bigger than a few African nations.

Tribes in Nigeria differ and are believed to have originated hundreds of years back with mythical stories and ancestral records of existence.

With all of these, tribes and people tend to exhibit traits of wickedness which has triggered questions relating to what tribe has the most people with wickedness embedded as a major trait. What tribe is the most wicked in Nigeria, and in what state…

The Ighala People of Kogi State

Kogi is not a very big state here in Nigeria, but, what’s being heard of it daily is pure evil in definition.

Kogi has more Muslims than Christians, thousands of pagans and those on the other end of religion who admit to not being pagan, but are neither of the mentioned religions.

It’s that bad in Kogi state that husband can make his wife go blind or even kill her if she starts earning more than him, or is making more progress than him.

The Ighala people of Kogi are even wicked to themselves and that’s a major reason why a few great people today in Nigeria are traceable to Kogi. The town is underdeveloped and very unlike Abuja, Calabar and Lagos.

20 out of 41 persons asked about this town said things relating to witchcraft, murder and a lot of fetish idol practises. It’s shocking this tribe resident in Kogi, the Ighala specifically in Kogi State are not the best set of individuals in the country.

Although wickedness is a trait resident in man as a creature, but to an extent, men are more evil than men. In Nigeria, Kogi State and the Ighala People are the crown kings for wicked acts and homemade evil.

We’ve heard stories of pastors who died days after opening their churches, or who moved out of Kogi after frequent night battles resulting from hosting church programmes in the State.

A boy’s best friend blew a white powder into his face one early morning as he attempted to get out from bed. The powder made him deaf and dumb for life. Why? Because he was the smartest in the class.

Esan People of Edo State

When you see an Esan man, and you sight a snake running towards you, take care of the Esan man first before the snake. It is believed that these set of people are generally wicked across Nigeria.

Although, we’re not inferring the already stated to be same as true with every Esan person, but it is with over 90%.

Ekpoma, and the other parts of Edo State where these people dominate are underdeveloped, regressive and are not just grounds for prosperous and booming establishments.

Their wickedness is beyond measure to an extent, and they tend to betray friends more than enemies.

The Fulani People of Bornu State

Let’s not speak of the endless killings in this state because, people don’t just die here, they burn.

Currently, Burno is one of the hottest sites of terrorism in Nigeria and these terrorists are a composition of different tribes, with Fulani domination.

The illegal and dreadful acts by some Fulani people all over the country calls for immediate attention and solution.

Should war breakout, it would either be an aftermath of the political scuffle over IPOB segregation or the merciless terrorism by the alleged Fulanis.

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