Rick Ross and P Square: Who is Richer?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320"]Rick Ross and P Square: Who is Richer? Rick Ross and P Square: Who is Richer?[/caption]

Who's richer between Rick Ross and P Square, what's their net worth? It's a question frequently asked amongst music loving Nigerians living abroad, in the United States and also, Africa Americans who happen to be lovers of Rick Ross, but marvel at the luxurious lifestyle of Nigerian music legendary duo singers P Square.

Today, these top celebrities are the real deal, sitting and sizzling as our The Richest headline. Is Rick Ross, the American superstar rapper richer than Nigeria's richest music guys, P Square?

Here we go...

Rick Ross and P Square: Who is Richer?

Rick Ross' Net Worth and Endorsement Deals

Rick Ross and P Square: Who is Richer?

Rick Ross is an American rapper who's been through a lot in the American music scene. He's being arrested for guns, drugs and public assaults. He's also gotten into tight scuffle with top rappers like 50 Cent; a saga that was on the media for long.

Rick Ross is also a businessman and producer who worked as a correctional officer in the US, Florida, even before he started rapping professionally as a rapper. He has produced several millions of dollars from his top charting albums and singles over the years.

He once had problems paying off bills and taxes, but at the moment, there's no such money problems. According to details from the Huffington Post, he made a total of $1,277,373 from his albums.

He earned a total of $349,650 dollars from his "Mastermind" album (Deluxe Edition) $126,263 dollars from "God Forgives, I Don't", $138,581 dollars from "The Black Bar Mitzvah", $216,450 dollars from "Mastermind" and from his "Hood Billionaire", he earned a sum of $284,091 dollars.

Rick Ross has worked and partnered with a lot of A-class rappers in the US including Meek Mill, DJ Khaled and Triple C's. He has an estimated net worth of $35 million dollars.

P Square's Net Worth and Endorsement Deals

Rick Ross and P Square: Who is Richer?

P Square are the most popular singers in Nigeria. These two brothers have come a long in music and in the Nigeria music industry. They're also currently the richest musicians in Nigeria.

The twin brothers earn from distinctive and collective endorsement deals, promo and adverts they run for companies, music album sales (from where they've made over $18 million dollars), and their private businesses and business deals.

The brothers signed a deal N140 million naira (over $380,000 dollars) with Nigeria based telecommunications company, Globacom. Also, the super talented singers earn millions of naira from their distinctive endorsement deals.

P Square's compeleted mansion is worth about $4.1 million dollars (N1.5 billion naira). They also have invested in businesses, having investments in different parts of different states in and out of Nigeria.

Flashy vehicles such has a Limousine, private jets, golden wristwatches, yachts and customized items are also in possession of the P Square brothers. In 2017 according to Forbes Magazine, their net worth is an estimated $70 million dollars.