A Quick Webchat with Henry Ibeleme, CEO of Entmirror.com

A Quick Webchat with Henry Ibeleme, CEO of Entmirror.com

A Quick Webchat with Henry Ibeleme, CEO of Entmirror.com

Topnotch blogger and founder of Entmirror.com; one of the fastest growing entrepreneurship and career blogs in Nigeria, is our favoured guest on Expert & Tips today.

Henry Ibeleme is one of the most passionate bloggers about entrepreneurship in Nigeria and his blog, Entmirror, which is barely 3 months old now has gained thousands of loyal readers in a short while, and has changed lives through the provision of invaluable resources.

In a chat with the blogger and entrepreneur, he gracefully shared a few tips relating to entrepreneurship, blogging and the vision behind Entmirror.

Henry Ibeleme:

Well, bloggers are entrepreneurs, stay-at-home online entrepreneurs. Now, whatever you want to achieve in life, if you can put your mind to it, it becomes a reality.

Life has never been easy, what will determine if you will climb to the pinnacle is when you refuse to quit. I failed countless number of times before I get to where I am today. Failure is part of success.

The battle isn’t over. We’re still pushing further.

Entrepreneurship is a field that has consumed my very essence. The economy downturn Nigeria is currently facing is as a result of few entrepreneurs in the country.

Everybody wants to acquire a degree and work in an air-conditioned office. It’s good. But what happens when all we produce are employees and not entrepreneurs?

That’s when the end becomes evident.

In my quest to maintain a balance between employees and entrepreneurs especially here in Nigeria, I decided to start up EntMirror, a blog that focuses on grooming forth prospective entrepreneurs and motivate them into success.

Henry Ibeleme is a focused personality and there’s big hope this blogger will be classed with the likes of Rand Fishkin, Jack Dorsey, Neil Patel, Bamidele Onibalusi, and other top personalities in the online world, whose relevance have created value and fortune for them both in the real world and the online world.

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  1. You don't know how happy i am to be featured here.. This blog is one of the most fastest growing blog out there, I'm watching out for it.

    Kudos Mosses!

    1. Thanks a lot Henry Ibeleme. You've been consistent and valuable, you deserve this acknowledgement for your works & contribution to the online community.

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