Ray HushPuppi Net Worth

Ray HushPuppi Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age
Ray HushPuppi Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


Ray HushPuppi net worth and biography is much talked about in Nigeria especially after the socialite got into a media scuffle with celebrities Davido, Phyno, and Ice Prince. HushPuppi is a Nigerian socialite, and also a big boy who has been called out to be a fraudster by several Nigerian celebrities and critics.

This post is about Ray HushPuppi net worth, biography, and how became so popular with over a million followers on Instagram alone. The primary business HushPuppi runs isn’t known entirely, but, he mentioned that he makes a living from “begging” in one of his social media posts.

Ray HushPuppi Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Raymond Igbalodely
CAREER: Socialite
BIRTH DATE: 14th June
NET WORTH: $20 Million Dollars
ENDORSEMENT DEALS: None (Claims to be Endorsed by Gucci)

Ray HushPuppi Net Worth

Ray HushPuppi has an estimated net worth of $20 million dollars. He is a top influencer on social media, and a super rich young guy. The spending lifestyle of HushPuppi has brought so much attraction to him. Mentioning his name in the midst of contemporary Nigerian youths brings to mind the luxurious lifestyle of a Nigerian guy whose primary source of income is unknown, but who’s lifestyle and flamboyant spending pins the web like glue.

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HushPuppi is very popular, and despite having a few celebrity haters, he’s loved by millions of Nigerians in the country. He got popular by being a simple rich dude who likes to show off. Ray HushPuppi isn’t an actor, neither is he an entertainer of any sort.

He became famous eventually alongside his friends Ismaila Mustapha, and ClassicBaggie as they kept posting pictures of their luxury shopping moments and as they awed the social media populace. Another activity that got HushPuppi so much attention on social media is the big-time argument he got into with Nigerian singers Davido, Kcee, and Ice Prince.

HushPuppi claims to be a Gucci ambassador, he got a gift cake from the brand during his birthday, and he’s often seen in differently coloured Bentleys, Rolls Royce Phantom, and a Lamborghini driving around the streets of Dubai. Ray has other very costly cars and items worth several millions of naira.

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He’s a multi billionaire in naira, and is much admired by the average Nigerian guy. While Ray HushPuppi’s net worth has been put by Moss9ja at $20 million dollars, it is just an estimated figure as he has been seen in photos parading several bundles of dollar bills on Instagram. He also moves around in a private jet, and his shoes alone would be enough to start up a shoe sale store in Lekki.

HushPuppi is one of Nigeria’s most luxurious celebrities. He shows off literarily everything, from wads of dollars and other currencies, to hotels, cars, private jet travel times, moments at Gucci brand boutique, and expensive wristwatches.

According to his friend Mompha who stated that HushPuppi tried to put him in jail by using his account for fraudulent activities, HushPuppi’s mother is a bread trader, and his Dad, a taxi driver. HushPuppi revealed that he was heavily involved in Gambling and was very poor before he found his way to Malaysia.

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HushPuppi would be the most luxurious celebrity in Nigeria if a list were to be created. He’s often compared in all sense to Wizkid and Davido, and for the fact that they’re young celebrities, HushPuppi does show off better.

He has a lot of celebrity friends, and has met with many. In fact, HushPuppi has become the talk of celebrities so much so that popular musicians Timaya and 9ice have sang about him and his wealth.

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