Mairo Ochocho — Tim Godfrey Drummer

Tim Godfrey's drummer

I was looking out on YouTube and saw this cool video by a Nigerian drummer. I’ve never seen him nor met him before and since he’s a Nigerian with so much skill in music and playing drums, he deserves to be talked about.

His name is Mairo Uchocho and surprisingly, he’s the drummer of the award winning gospel crew, Tim Godfrey & The Xtreme.

While the Xtreme has vocally sound singers, and an amazing director, Tim Godfrey, they also have one amazing drummer who’s strokes has taken them thus, far.

He’s a major player in the Xtreme astoundingly instrumental performances and is held with so much esteem. He gotta gift from his boss, Tim Godfrey, in 2015, and also has been gifted a couple of times before.

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Mairo Uchocho is one of the most amazing and skillful gospel drummers in Nigeria and he’s more like drummer at The Composers; a high class music crew who’s rehearsed and played live for topnotch Nigerian and other African artistes like Davido.

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