Chris Delvan Biography and Net Worth

Chris Delvan Biography and Net Worth

Chris Delvan is one of the unique gospel singers and preachers in Nigeria.

He’s from the Northern part of the country, and his messages has reached the ends of the borders of Nigeria, and escaped out of the skirts of the nation.

BIRTH NAME: Chris Delvan Gwamna
CAREER: Pastor
DISPLAY NAME: Chris Delvan
NET WORTH: $180,000 Dollars

Chris Delvan Biography and Current Net Worth

Pastor Delvan Gwamna is a Nigerian preacher and teacher of God’s Word.

This post is about his biography, net worth, profile, and some other facts you would find interesting about him.

Chris Delvan Biography

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwamna is a Nigerian teacher and minister of the Word of God birthed in Nigeria. The year, month, and date of his birth is not known yet. He is a graduate with a degree in History and Political Science from the Premier Northern University. Chris Delvan is a native of Kagoro in Kaduna state, Nigeria.

Chris Delvan Gwamna is a blessed Minister of God’s Word, and he he has been anointed with the mantle of teaching, and of the prophetic. He pastors the saint at The New Life Assembly as the presiding Pastor in Kaduna state.

Pastor Chris Delvan also heads arms of the ministry which includes Metahost Partnerships and Pisgah Media, Arewa Christian Initiative, and House of Jeduthun. In 2003, Pastor Chris Delvan successfully translated the Revised Standard Version of the Bible into the Hausa language for the Bible League of USA.

Chris Delvan is also known to be a psalmist whose songs of worship has traveled wild and far. Through his songs, lives have been transformed and the hearts of many have been won to Christ. He has ministered in several Nigerian states, and in other countries.

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwamna is happily married to a beautiful wife who is graced and known as Mrs Anna Gwamna. Pastor Chris Delvan and Anna Gwamna have been blessed with two wonderful kids since their marriage. The names of their kids are Joel and Salamatu.

Chris Delvan Net Worth

Pastor Chris Delvan has an estimated net worth of $180,000 dollars. As an anointed minister of God’s word, the dimension of provision he gets from several people and God is immeasurable.

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