Who is Richer Between Donald Trump and Jerry Jones?

Who is Richer Between Donald Trump and Jerry Jones?

Who's richer between Donald Trump and Jerry Jones, what's their net worth? Jerry Jones is an American entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer and a businessperson. He has quite a lot of assets valued at millions of dollars and is a powerful personality the world over.

Jerry Jones is known pretty well to be the owner of Dallas Cowboys, a football club. Donald Trump on the one hand also an American entrepreneur, a politician and businessman. He's the 45th president of the world power, America.

Donald Trump has also got assets and investments worth hundred millions of dollars. Jerry Jones and Donald Trump have created more than enough fortune for their third generation, and they're worth at least a billion dollars. Who's richer between Donald Trump and Jerry Jones? Find out...

Donald Trump's Net Worth

Donald Trump is an American entrepreneur, author, real estate developer and television host who earned a sum of $60 million dollars annually for his TV show known as "Celebrity Apprentice".

He's been in the real estate business since the 60s and began building his fortune a long time ago. He grew up living in New York City and schooled at the Fordham University. He also schooled at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump obtained a degree in Economics and immediately began working for his father's company, The Trump Organization, which is literally a real estate company. After turning a bankrupt commodore hotel into the mega Grand Hyatt, Donald Trump began measuring some success.

The 45th United States president has over $562 million dollar worth properties licensed in his name, he's got casinos in the States and assets like the $288 million dollar Trump Tower and the $290 million dollar Trump World Tower.

As a TV host, he earned $3 million dollar per episode of his show titled "The Apprentice". Donald Trump has five children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and William. He has an estimated net worth of $3.1 billion dollars.

Jerry Jones' Net Worth

Who is Richer Between Donald Trump and Jerry Jones?

Jerry Jones is an American entrepreneur, businessman, CEO and famed owner of Dallas Cowboys. He was birthed in Los Angeles, California, 1942. He built his first fortune as he was the executive vice president of Modern Security Life of Springfield.

He founded the Jones Oil and Land Lease to exploit natural resources in Arkansas. In 1989, he acquired the Dallas Cowboys and fired the initial coach, Tom Landry. He appointed Jimmy Johnson as new coach, but replaced him later with Barry Switzer.

Jerry is pretty close to his club, but he's also got enemies who would rather see him out as general manager. After examining online poll results in Virginia, Delaware, and Texas, Sports Illustrated named Jerry Jones as a least favourite sports personality. The entrepreneur spent his days growing up in Arkansas and schooled primarily at the North Little Rock Highschool.

After highschool, he went to study at the University of Arkansas and obtained a football scholarship. After University, he was hired to be vice president by his father's company in Missouri, the Modern Security Life of Springfield. In 1970, he decided to acquire a higher academic certificate.

He then obtained his Master's degree in Business at the Arkansas University. Jerry Jones is married to his college love, Gene and they've got 3 children and 9 grandchildren. Currently, Jerry has an estimated net worth of $5.1 billion dollars.