P Square and Wizkid: Who is Richer & What's Their Net Worth?

P Square and Wizkid: Who is Richer? | Their Net Worth

Who's richer between P Square and Wizkid, what's their net worth? The defunct music duo, P Square, and topnotch young Nigerian music idol, Wizkid are very popular figures in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The music stars have both won awards, released several hit singles, collaborated with several Nigerian singers, and also signed multimillion naira endorsement deals.

When booked for shows, the artistes make up above N5 million naira in most cases, and also, they've got several millions of fans across Africa and other Western States.

Who's richer between P Square and Wizkid, it's the question we've chosen to answer especially since the split of the leading music duo and artistes in Nigeria, P Square.

P Square's Net Worth

P Square and Wizkid: Who is Richer? | Their Net Worth

P Square is a music duo in Nigeria. Although, they're officially solo artistes now, the brand they created as P Square is one that isn't fading away anytime soon. The duo is basically the collective efforts of Peter and Paul Okoye, the talented twin brothers.

Previously, they had their manager to be Jude Okoye, who's their elder brother, and who currently is their manager no more. While in secondary school, Peter and Paul Okoye started out with music.

They sang, danced, and also formed a music group with their friends in school. Later on, P Square rounded off secondary school studies and left home for the University where they also performed at shows outside and within the school.

The P Square defunct music duo started harvesting realtime breakthrough in 2001 as they won an award at a very much esteemed music concert. They're recognized not in Nigeria alone, but in several international states.

The twin music duo earned from endorsement deals and show bookings. They were known to be brand ambassadors to Globacom, with a contract deal worth N100 million naira. Their net worth in 2017, just before the split was an estimated $70 million dollars.

Wizkid's Net Worth

P Square and Wizkid: Who is Richer? | Their Net Worth

Wizkid is a star in the music industry in Nigeria. He was born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun on June 16th, 1991. He rose to the fame light in 2010 after dropping his very first music single titled "Holla at Your Boy". Wizkid in 2012 signed his first endorsement deal ever with Pepsi.

The deal was stated to be worth $350,000 dollars. Also in 2012, he signed a N40 million naira endorsement deal with MTN, a South Africa owned telecommunications service provider. In 2013, he struck a juicy, mouthwatering endorsement deal worth N100 million naira with Nigeria based and owned telecommunications service provider, Globacom.

Wizkid also got signed as a brand ambassador to Guiness, and this endorsement deal was reportedly worth millions of naira. He has worked with the biggest stars in Africa and also collaborated with American singers like Chris Brown, Drake, Future and Rick Ross.

Wizkid is one of Africa's top artistes as he has won several awards and has uncountably been nominated for several awards. He currently has a net worth of $25 million dollars.