Benefits of Joining the Illuminati: What are the Consequences?

Benefits of Joining the Illuminati: What are the Consequences?

You probably know about the renowned secret cult calldd illuminati, and how the members of the secret organization become rich and powerful after joining. The organization comprise influential personalities holding top positions in politics of the world, in the financial sphere and also, in the entertainment industry. When you join the illuminati secret organization, of course you'll get...


The organization manually connects you to persons of reputation in whom you're interested and would like to work with. The illuminati members are connected, they form a circle of thought and interaction, a chain of operation and secret symbols of certification and association. Joining the organization will class you in the network of popular individuals, who also are influential.


As a member of the illuminati, somehow, they wouldn't want you to get hurt, harassed unnecessarily, or threatened by third party investigative organizations. Be set, you're on your way to having a personal lawyer and security agents of top level by your side.


Maybe you outrightly won't become famous instantly after signing the required documents, but then with time, fame will become a trait with you. Brands affiliated secretively with the organization will feature you on their cover page (that's if you've got a thing or two called talent), you're more likely to roll with the big boys and enjoy almost same fame buzz as they do.

What Are The Consequences?

Upon becoming a member of the secret society, and also reaping the benefits of membership, there are a few critical consequences members of the society live with everyday:

No Going Back

Literally, there's no going back after signing in to become a member. No, no going back. The illuminati takes its secrecy very seriously, and will panick if any member tries to spread and spell out its coded secrets to the outside world, leading it to eliminate any factor of exposure, humans as members included. Although it somehow rules the affairs of various sectors of the world, it's an underground organization for the wealthy, the talented, the gifted and the powerful. There's no revert to an action after the deal has been done.

You Must Serve the Cult

Well, you'll abide by the regulations, and work by it, and live by it. There are several rules by which the organization operates. These rules don't rule themselves, they rule the members of the illuminati. So, as a member of the cult, you must serve the cult, follow the rules and never say never.

You Serve the Satan

Actually, the cult glorifies Lucifer, and this is what exactly you'll be tied to do all days of the life you'll live after becoming a member of the secret organization. Is it worth it? Are you willing to sell out your soul to the devil just to get fame, network and security?