Timaya and Flavour: Who is Richer & What's Their Net Worth?

Timaya and Flavour: Who is Richer?

Timaya and Flavour who is richer, what's their net worth? These guys have made name in the Nigerian music industry and have been around the music empire for quite a long time. Flavour over the years have become a topnotch singer to reckon with across Africa and also one of the higher paid Nigerian singers as of 2017.

Timaya, who gained street love after musically storytelling and representing historical bias and mistreat against his people in Bayelsa State, has however remained relevant till date. Timaya's songs go viral with ease, and just like Flavour N'abania, he's a top star in the Nigerian music industry.

With a couple of exotic multimillion naira vehicles and other belongings, it become a quest to know who actually is richer between Timaya and Flavour. More after the cut...

Timaya's Net Worth

Timaya and Flavour: Who is Richer?

Timaya was born into an averagely wealthy family as Inetimi Alfred Odon on August 15, 1980. He's a famed Nigerian musician and songwriter. Timaya has risen to become a topnotch musician in the Nigerian music sphere. His songs are aired frequently and most times, critically acclaimed.

Timaya is the boss and founder of the music label known as DM Records (Dem Mama Records). In his past years, several awards has been won and he's been nominated severally for awards too. Timaya's music career started when he released his hit single titled "Dem Mama" in 2005.

The song made Timaya hot, but yet, he wasn't fully a star. In 2007, Timaya released his very first music album, "True Story". The album was supported by many trending singles. In 2008, Timaya worked vehemently to release his second music album, "Gift and Grace".

With the third album release in 2010, Timaya would become one of the century's reigning artistes. The third album was titled "De Rebirth", produced and released in 2010. Timaya has signed endorsement deals worth millions of naira with Hennessey X. O. Cognac, and Globacom.

These endorsement deals form a large part of his earnings. He also earns from his music sales and also from show bookings where he gets paid over N2 million naira per show. For sure, the singer gets a couple of unannounced deals with brands and also has business deals on his table.

He's a big-time fashionista, he has acquired a couple of really sweet-looking vehicles worth several millions and he lives in a beautifully designed and furnished home. Timaya has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars.

Flavour's Net Worth

Timaya and Flavour: Who is Richer?

The flamboyant lifestyle of Flavour N'abania has made him but one of the richest singers in Nigeria. He's a talented songwriter, musician and dancer birthed on 23 November, 1983, as Chinedu Okoli, the first of five children in his family.

His musical skills were inborn, and from childhood, precisely at the age of 13, Flavour was a good drummer for the local Church he attended.

The skills of this young man attracted the interest of his resident pastor who introduced him to the Chief Executive Officer at a company that was newly established to train young talents, SoundCity Communications.

The CEO, SoundCity Communications known as Mr. Chris I. Odor took in Flavour and trained him alongside other trainees. In 1996, the highlife musician was awarded a scholarship to study music. The scholarship was awarded by SoundCity Communications and by 1999, Flavour became really good at playing the drums and piano, and was a good backup vocalist.

Being one of Africa's most sought-after artiste, Flavour N'abania earns from show bookings, music sales, ambassadorial deals with known companies, his nightclub and also from private sources we don't know. These unknown sources include promotional adverts and business deals.

He's penned endorsement deals worth several millions of naira with brands including Bullet Energy Drink, Life Beer, the reliable MTN Nigeria, and Flat Tummy Tea. Flavour gets booked for events like other bug stars in the industry, he's unique and the ladies love him more for his physique.

When he's booked, he earns nothing below N3 million naira. His nightclub, 2night Club in Enugu is another source of income for the shinning star. He has worked with several music acts and from these music collaborations, he gets a cool cash cut. Flavour N'abania is now worth a mega $7.9 million dollars.