How Much Does Timaya Charge Per Show?

How Much Does Timaya Charge Per Show?

About Timaya

Timaya is a big-time Nigerian musician, performer and songwriter birthed as Inetimi Alfred Odion on the 15th of August, 1980. He was born in Port Harcourt, Cross River State. Interestingly, Timaya is the last born child of 15 birthed children in a family residing in Agip Estate, Port Harcourt.

His parents were both literate people as his mother was a good trader and his Dad, a banker. His elementary education he derived from attending the Assemblies of God Nursery and Primary School, Port Harcourt. Also in Port Harcourt, he kicked off secondary education acquisition as he enrolled at Nkpolu Oroworukwo.

According to reports and interviews held with the renowned music model, he broke house rules to make himself present in midnight shows and concerts. Before graduating from secondary school in Port Harcourt, he moved to Lagos State, Nigeria alongside his elder brother and elder sister as planned by his mother.

There in Lagos he got admitted into the Ikeja Grammar School and that's where he rounded off secondary school education. After secondary school, relocated to his birth city, Port Harcourt, where he enrolled and was admitted into higher institution to study Banking and Finance.

Unfortunately, he dropped out after the first semester of the Year 1 section due to poor examination results and academic performance. Again, he moved to Lagos and decided to become part of the Eedris AbdulKareem's Hip-Hop music band. Three years after joining the group as a backup singer, Timaya decided to part ways with the music band in pursuit of a solo career.

Gradually, he started working with upcoming artistes and landing collaborations with them as he was upcoming and infamous at that time. His first video appearance was not released, the video was done by a rap group known as UDX in Lagos State and it didn't go viral.

His first ever hit single was titled "Dem Mama", produced by K-Solo, a famous producer whom he met several times in Oshodi. The single was a story relating to the destruction of Odi, Niger Delta, in 1999. His ability to represent historical justice with music earned him respect and "street credibility."

How Much Does Timaya Charge Per Show?

How Much Does Timaya Charge Per Show?

The million dollar question remains how much Timaya charges per show. Adding more to his success already stated, Timaya is pretty influential. He's one of Niger Delta's most loved and respected Nigerian musicians. He has bee around for a while and has performed on stage in several concerts.

Timaya is also pretty expericne and he's just on another level entirely as he has managed to remain relavent through constant productions of hit singles over the years. He's won multiple awards at different annually hosted awards event and has gotten nominated for several music titles as well.

With all these, Timaya would go to no show without charging a few million naira. He has also worked with the biggest artistes in the Nigeria music industry and has a couple of albums to his credit. In brief, Timaya charges nothing below N3 million naira per show.