How Much Does Flavour Charge Per Show?

How Much Does FLAVOUR Charge Per Show?

About Flavour N'abania

Birthed as Chinedu Okoli in Enugu State, Nigeria, on the 23rd of November in 1983, Flavour is a Nigerian songwriter, instrumentalist, and singer. He's skilled in playing the guitar, piano and the drums which paved way for him in the past. He started playing as a drummer in his Church in Enugu State, Nigeria, and that was the starting point of his career.

He's famed for "Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)" his hit song which both skyrocketed his musical career and flung him into limelight. 2005 saw the release of an album which would be self-named "N'abania". It was Flavour's debut album and sold millions of copies in Nigeria alone. Five year later in 2010, the highlife musician released his second solo album titled "Uplifted".

The album was a huge success especially as it had supporting tracks like " Adamma", "Oyi Remix", and the popular hit track "Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)". The album contained hit tracks and sold millions within months of going live. It also pushed his talent to the eyes of many and made him a topnotch musician not just in Nigeria, but Africa in entirety.

After the album went live, invitations to perform at several converts started coming in, he got booked and the pay was unbelievably high as people sighted him as a star and not as an upcoming singer anymore. He sings fluently in the Igbo language and his lyrics are sensible.

Although he was birthed in Enugu State, Flavour hails from Anambra State as an indigene of Umunze, Orumba. His journey to limelight began when he started playing drums for his church at the age of 13 and eventually got introduced to the CEO of SoundCity Communications, Chris I Odor, by his Church pastor. The company, SoundCity Communications was newly founded at the time to train young musically talented individuals to become professional musicians.

He got lucky eventually and was entitled an educational scholarship to study study music in depth by the company in 1996. Three years later in 1999, Flavour began playing both instruments, the drum and the piano on a professional level, and at same time provided vocal backup for singers at the SoundCity Communications, adding flavour to their productions.

How Much Does Flavour Charge Per Show?

How Much Does FLAVOUR Charge Per Show?

Flavour is a top star and his earnings per show significantly increased with the release of his second album titled "Uplifted". He's one of the highest paid and most recognized indigenous singers in the country and he's also got millions of fans who are victims of his unique musicial and vocal productions.

He has well performed on stage with several artistes and has worked with a lot of musicians in the Nigeria music industry. Flavour earns a lot from his concerts, endorsement deals music sales, but most quick money he pulls out from concerts where he's paid nothing below N2 million naira.