Top 10 Best Gospel Songs in September 2017

Top 10 Best Gospel Songs in September 2017

Here's our chart for the month of September 2017. These songs are basically the best songs in the month and rollout has been delayed since September. Amongst these are songs that are touching and transformational in spirit.

Songs from our August chart could also be found here because this is a list of the most deserving songs, irrespective of it being old or new, but we however chart th newest and best of songs. Here we go:

#1: You Waited — Travis Greene 

Travis Greene

Travis Greene is now a top star in gospel music especially after releasing "Made a Way" and "Intentional". "You Waited" by Travis Greene is the top song in September 2017. This song is just too unique and meaningful.

The lyrics are heart-touching and life-changing. It speaks of the mercy of God in waiting for us, coming down to speak to us. It describes this as an AMAZING GRACE that God has shown in his mercy.

#2: Change Me — Tamela Mann

Tamela Mann

This song is moving fast to become the first on the list in the next month. I can only hope it becomes it. Well, Change Me by Tamela Mann is a unique song and with extremely ethereal vocals by Tamela Mann, the song is a will-changer.

It begins with the line "Change Me Oh God". Basically, it is a prayer to God to make us more of him, and wash us, and create in us a clean heart.

#3: Trust in You — Anthony Brown & group therAPy

Anthony Brown

One of our favourite songs in September happen to be this song by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy. Well, the name speaks the content.

Reminding us of the creator and the right we have to put our trust on him over and over again. Anthony Brown is a music director, and this song with Group Therapy can no more be described, not in another way but awesome.

#4: You Deserve it — J.J Hairston & Youthful Praise 

You deserve it

"You Deserve it" by J.J. Hairston and Youthful Praise has topped the gospel billboard chart for several weeks and even months.

Spiritually, it's refreshing. J.J. Hairston and this powerful praise team, Youthful Praise, are now known for releasing the food for the spirit every time with their songs. Awaiting the next food for the spirit.

#5: My World Needs You — Kirk Franklin Featuring Sarah Reeves, Tasha Cobbs & Tamela Mann 

My world needs you

"My World Needs You" is a song of submission to God by Kirk Franklin featuring vocals from Tasha Cobbs, Sarah Reeves, and Tamela Mann.

The song melts the heart and the music video on stage was a blast; demonstrational. Kirk Franklin and the other three gospel music giants made this song a "song of the month" for many listeners.

The end part of the video was where Kirk Franklin held a board on which was written "Pray For Deon Kippin". Yes, Deon Kippin doesn't need our pity, but our prayers right now to overcome the cancer.

#6: Everlasting God — William Murphy 

Everlasting God

"Everlasting God" by popular gospel singer William Murphy is a blast. The song mainly is a worship kind and also a proclamation song. The lord is my light and my salvation, that's the confidence and proclamation in the song.

It goes on to say we'll trust in God and wait on Him. At the end part of the song, Bishop Paul Morton got on stage and ended the piece with Hus powerful vocal pitches and declarations in music.

#7: I'm Blessed — Charlie Wilson Featuring T.I 

I'm blessed

Personally, I love this song. I would love to say "we", but I love this song. It's by Charlie Wilson and I got a lot of sense from the beginning of the song when he asked God to not let the devil kill him and give another chance.

Then he made a promise to serve God if given. It's rhythmic and soulful. "I'm Blessed" by Charlie Wilson is a rap gospel song of some sort and like the name says, I'm Blessed, sure I am blessed.

#8: Grace — Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago Featuring Le'Andria 


Pastor Charles Jenkins got out with a really spirit-filled song simply titled "Grace". Vocals from international gospel music act Le'Andria was featured and the song happens to be the #7 song in September. Hoping it moves upward in our October chart.

#9: I Got Angels — Emcee N.I.C.E 

I got angels

Simply a rap song by Emcee N.I.C.E. and more about emphasizing the reality of us having Angel around us to whom we give commands.

He makes it clear with a line in the song that God has given us Angels to watch over us (Luke 4:10). Wow.. I know I've got angels watching over me, and thus rap song is just another big reminder.

#10: Work it Out — Tye Tribbett 

Work it out

WORK IT OUT! by Tye Tribbett has been on our list for a while now. The song is instrumentally sound and technical. Running through the vocal strength by first hearing, a conclusion was met that Tye has some of the best vocalists in the gospel music realm.

"Work it Out" is a song of victory and it's quite intriguing as the title doesn't really speak of the content. Really cool.