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Onos Brisibi biography

Onos Brisibi's Biography

Onos Brisibi is a Nigerian gospel musician and songwriter. She has released a couple of life-changing songs and has travelled to a number of nations.

Onos is a worshiper, and she has gone to minister in worship at different concerts in different countries and continents.
Her songs and ministrations leave her audience with nothing but a burning desire to know more of, see more of Him and be more of Him.

She's very dedicated and has contributed immensely to the musical strength and growth of Christ Embassy; her Church where she serves as the worship leader.

Her name has become popular not just in the borders of Nigeria alone, but also in the United Kingdom and the United States of America as she has mounted altars and minister in songs to the people of the continents.

Interestingly, Onos Brisibi started singing at the age of 9, and somehow, she got to become popular as an undergraduate while she studied at the Delta State University, Delta State, Nigeria.

While studying at the Delta State University, she manifested tremendous vocal strength and abilities in her border-crossing songs. She also listened and scored songs by Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, which built her a ton of fans and admirers back then.

Her ability to score any kind of track or song made her a very useful instrument in the formation of the Nigerian movie industry which wouldn't have enjoyed he glow and growth it did if she was out of scene.

She worked on the soundtracks of home videos like "Dead End", "Deadly Passion", "Shame", " Blood Money", "Moral Inheritance", and "Domitila". Scoring professional tracks and songs happens to be her an area of expertise.

Onos Brisibi is also an actress she ventured into movie acting. She's called out for excellence as she's able to score professional tracks, act and by God's anointing, minister in songs.

She's worked with several gospel musicians in Nigeria, and has been a cornerstone to the success of Lagbaja; a Nigerian legendary singer with whom she performed the popular song titled " No Do GraGra".

Amongst other Nigerian artistes to whose success she contributed are Daniel Wilson; a popular Nigerian reggae musician to whom Onos Brisibi was a backup vocalist, The Masked; an active highlife music band in Nigeria, Sammie Okposo; one of Nigeria's most popular gospel musician and also a very wealthy musician who's also a politician, and a host of several other Nigerian gospel musicians.

She's a member of the very popular and international Church in Nigeria, Christ Embassy, and has won awards like the Best Upcoming Artist award at the Fame Music Artist (FAM). She's also been nominated for a number of awards.