Who is the Best DJ in Nigeria 2018?

Who is the Best DJ in Nigeria

Dick Jockeying had turned to become a very interesting part of entertainment worldwide and has earned millions for certain talented and really popular Disc Jockeys in the world.

In Nigeria, we have a ton of DJs and from the millions of DJs (known and unknown) a few have of them have successfully built their careers on the solid rock, earning millions monthly.

Who's the Best DJ in Nigeria? 

To be clear, there's really no best Disc Jockey in Nigeria for the record, and this is because DJs have different skills, mix different songs and are best at varying events.

Notwithstanding this truth, some DJs can be considered the best due to certain characteristics appealing to the most people. These characteristics include:

#1: Style 

The supposed best DJ would be totally stylish and gorgeous. Yes at least, a DJ should have style and that's what all really good DJs got. Style in this sense would include display sense and hilarity.

#2: Skills 

The most important characteristic for considering a best DJ is the skill. If a Disc Jockey isn't skillful, is dry with sounds like every other upcoming DJ, there's no way that DJ will become a good one to consider best. The best DJs are skillful and that's the extent to which we consider them best.

#3: Fame 

If I call up a DJ that's quite unpopular and crown him the best DJ on this platform, the bulk of doubt on your mind would be totally irremovable. So, the best DJ in Nigeria has got to be really popular and prominent.

DJ Xclusive 

Who is the Best disc jockey in Nigeria

DJ Xclusive, who is the nephew to one of the richest women in Africa, Folorunsho Alakija, fulfills all righteousness with the mentioned characteristics. He was born as Rotimi Alakija in the United Kingdom.

At a very tender age, his Nigerian parents travelled down to Nigeria where he obtained elementary education at King's College in Lagos State, Nigeria.

He studied Physics and Computer Science and has a Bachelor's Degree in the course from the Reading University. DJ Xclusive also studied Financial Computing at a well known Institute, Brunel University.

He kick started his Disc Jockeying career back in 2003 performing at popular Nightclubs. Back then, he performed at Penthouse, and Aura Mayfair.

He's a top star in entertainment and has earned the deserving respect from both musicians and other Disc Jockeys. Surprisingly, the DJ has worked with big-time internal music acts like Rihanna, Ne-Yo and Nas.

As I'm not the only awarder of good, DJ Xclusive won the "World Best DJ" award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards organized in the United States of America in 2010.

In 2011, he emerged CoolFM 96.6's resident Disc Jockey, was nominated in the Best DJ category at BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television Awards), and was Wizkid's official Disc Jockey after joining Empire Mates Entertainment.

In 2013, he appeared on the Big Brother House party and was exceptionally the famous target. In 2015, DJ Xclusive got married to his wife, Tinuke Ogundero.