What is the Best Tribe in Nigeria? Nigeria's Best Ethnic Groups

Which is the Best Tribe in Nigeria?

In actuality, tribes are consisting of different people and personalities altogether. They have established cultures and traditions by which they live and act. Tribes are a set of people with similar spoken language, ways of life and beliefs.

In Nigeria today, we have over 200 tribes and these tribes make up the country, although citizens of neighboring states are in Nigeria, they're less than 1%.

What's the best tribe in Nigeria? 

It's really a funny question to ask now as there's no standard for judgement. The best tribe in Nigeria should check certain criteria and everyone person of that tribe should fulfill the criteria outlined below:

#1: Corruption Free 

In Nigeria today, everyone is corrupt to a very large extent. We complain of the leaders and the fact that they're drilling billions from the country into their bank account isn't a wild news anymore.

If you were the president, you would sell Aso rock. The best tribe in Nigeria should definitely have all it's products, the people, to be corrupt free. They'll have to be totally incorrupt.

#2: Tribalism Free 

Well, this is the most difficult one here. All members of product of the best tribe in Nigeria should be fair in treating other tribes, and in choosing between people from other tribes and theirs. This is a problem as tribalism has led people to search for the best tribe in Nigeria.

People put their tribal brothers in authority, give them jobs and make them comfortable before attending or considering other people of different tribes. The senate body is a pure example of this corruption.

#3: Wealth 

Of course the best tribe would have all it's products to be rich, and if some are poor and others rich, it can't be the best because that's normal. Every person from the tribe should be wealthy to some extent and this is a criteria for determining the best tribe in Nigeria.

Though some tribes in Nigeria are pretty wealthy but in the last part of this page, we'll get to know the best in Nigeria. #4: Literacy Every person should be literate to some point and illiteracy should be at 0%.

The tribe should boast of literacy and boast of its products winning intellectual-based awards and nobel prizes worldwide. Well, it's quote possible for this to happen, but not in the country where the people hate prosperity and education.

So, What's the Best Tribe in Nigeria? 

The best tribe in Nigeria is the tribe they call "no tribe". No tribe is qualified even be considered as the best tribe in Nigeria as not everyone in a tribe is literate, we have poor people in EVERY tribe in Nigeria, everyone is a corrupt entity and tribalism is in the mind and buried in the soul of Nigerians in every tribe.