What Tribe is the Most Educated in Nigeria?

What Tribe is the Most Educated in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, tribes are in their hundreds and that's part of the problem the country has, but, what can we really do about the surplus and distinctive existence of tribes in the country? Nothing.

Out of over 200 tribes, a certain class of tribe in the country value education so much that they are ready to give anything for education.

The political and intellectual elites in the country are results from the burning and undying love for education by this very tribe.

Most of the most intelligent and brightest people in politics, business, economics, and even education are products of this tribe.

So What's this Tribe?

The glory is shared between different tribes because several intelligent people in the society today belong to a group of different tribes and not just one.

The most educated tribes in Nigeria today are highlighted below thus:

#1: Yoruba

The Yoruba is by far one of the most intelligent tribes in Nigeria. It's products have gone to win math competitions in various countries and in Nigeria, they hold very prominent positions in politics and education.

They are vast intellectually and are also one of the most advanced tribes in the country. They are business-minded and have stake in the biggest business ventures in Nigeria.

#2: Igbo

No doubt, the Igbos are one of the most educated tribes in Nigeria. They are also the most misunderstood tribe in the country.

Their indifference has given birth to one civil war, and a pending civil war which would break out if things went wrong just a bit this time.

They appear on the list of richest people in Nigeria, Africa and most intelligent businessmen in the world. The Igbos are entrepreneurs by nature; seeking new business ideas and exploiting it to make gain.

#3: Esan 

A tribe dominant in Ekpoma, Edo State. They're very brilliant set of people and have produced several professors teaching both in the State University in Ekpoma, Ambrose Alli University, and other Universities in Nigeria.

The Esan people are learn easily and are really good set of teachers and educators. They also have the tendency to always pick people from their place first before picking others in a job vacancy scenario.

#4: Hausa

There's a very big doubt that these set of people are very illiterate people in the country, forming the most illiterate tribe, true, but the learned Hausa people are the best in education and in every sector they find themselves, they perform best.

They've produced first-class graduates in medicine in various universities in Nigeria, and are the most wealthy set of people in Nigeria.

They don't show off wealth, but they have it. A widespread truth is that the richest black man is an Hausa man, Aliko Dangote, and there are others topping the list of richest people in Nigeria, and Africa.