Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya 2018

Top 10 richest kenyan musicians

Here's a list of the richest and supposedly most popular musicians in Kenya. These music stars are into different kinds of music ranging from gospel music, to R&B secular and Pop.

A number of these Kenya music legends also have won awards, have signed endorsement deals with brands and have a have got a huge following on the social media networks.

They've been in the industry long enough to be crowed the richest and this is simply an exclusive list!

1. Jaguar


Jaguar is considered the wealthiest Kenyan musician alive. According to several sources, most notable of all, the entertainment magazines and blogs in the eastern part of Africa, Jaguar one of, if not the wealthiest Kenyan musician.

He was birthed as Charles Njagua Kanyi. Jaguar does other stuff to earn money aside music. He's a politician, an articulate entrepreneur, and also a known philanthropist.

He was given birth to a family of five - his Dad, Mom, and 3 siblings. Jaguar was brought up ans schooled in Nairobi. At age 11, Jaguar lost his Mom who took care of him singlehandedly as a single mother.

This incident left him with no other choice but to move on with doing multiple odd jobs to make a living.

2. Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is another popular Kenyan quartet music act, and also one of Kenya's richest. They dropped their debut studio album titled "Manzo" on the 1st of November, 2008. The album was very much acclaimed and appraised.

Two years later, on the 25th of February, 2011, the quartet dropped a second studio album titled "Sol Filosofia". With this album, they managed to bag a couple of awards and got nominated for several awards too.

On the 18th of June in 2012, Sauti Sol collaborated with South African music record producer and rapper, Spoek Mathambo, to release their self-named EP. On the 21st of November in 2015, Sauti Sol's third album was live online and viral.

The album was titled "Live and Die in Afrika", and it was available for free download to music lovers and fans of Sauti Sol worldwide. The free download stuff was an early Christmas freemium which lasted for 2 days.

Just within 48 hour free download period, 400,000 downloads were recorded for the album, Live and Die in Afrika, which was produced under the Sauti Sol Entertainment music imprint.

3. Nameless


Nameless is a top Kenyan musician birthed as David Mathenge. He's a pop music act in Kenyan and one of the richest musicians in the country.

Currently, Nameless has two daughters named Tumiso (who was born in 2006) and Nyakio (birthed in 2013), and he got married to his heartthrob, Wahu Kagwi, who is also a musician signed under the Deejays music imprint in 2004.

Apart from being a top musician in Kenyan, he's also considered a modern music pioneer in the country. Nameless has toured several countries including States in East Africa, the United States and United Kingdom.

The same year he got married to Wahu, he dropped his debut music album titled "On Fire". David Mathenge is a professional architect as he studied Architecture and obtained a degree in the course from the University of Nairobi.

He's so influential that he was featured on the list of 100 Most Influential Keyans compiled by The Standard Newspaper in 2013.

4. Bahati


Kevin Mbuvi, popularly known as Bahati has made headlines in the Kenya music industry. After releasing his hit single titled "Siku Ya Kwanza" in 2012, he got famous as the new kid in the entertainment industry in Kenya.

Bahati is now into gospel genre and has a relatively similar story which relates to movie acts. He's incredibly talented and unique, this has somewhat made a man with class both in terms of music and other areas.

Additionally, he's humble and that's just part of his nature. He had a rough childhood as growing up wasn't so easy for him as a child back then.

With so much drive to succeed, Bahati has managed to, through consistency and hardwork, outrank several music acts in the music sphere in Kenya, mostly in the gospel music industry.

He has won a number of awards including the Best Male Gospel Musician award at the 2014 Groove Awards. He's indeed a popular name and a top star in Kenya as millions are searching to know more about Kevin Bahati.

5. Lady Wanja

Lady Wanja

Edijiah Wanja, popularly known as Lady Wanja is sister to late Queen Jane and a Kukuyi songstress. Lady Wanja is a native of Muranga County.

She recently released a Video CD, a song titled "Kiriro Kia Ani (Musicians Woe's)" which narrates her hard times in the music scene due to loss of lives of musicians in the industry, and a prayer, a cry out to God to not call any more music act home after a lot had gone already.

Lady Wanja has composed over 130 songs and currently, she has 12 VCDs to her credit. A lot of songs and VCDs are also expected from her as she is considered the future of music in the industry.

Her songs are mainly about fictional and nonfictional human stories, historical accounts and social relationships. A couple of Lady Wanja's albums include "Wihikahike (Hurry Up)", "Niwathire Ukindiga (You Left Me)" and "Mutino Was Ndege (Plane Crash)".

6. Akothee


Akothee is a popular Kenya musician birthed as Esther Akoth in Kisumu. Aside being a singer, Akothee is also a businesswoman. At age 14, she got married while leaving school and studies behind.

She later went back to school to wrap up her studies with the intent of obtaining a degree. By 2004, Esther Akoth was done with her school education and earned the grade C+. Her first marriage didn't go well as she was reportedly boring, not so romantic and was too hardheaded for the man.

Akothee has earned a couple of awards in her career line as a music artiste which includes the Best Female: East Africa award at the 2016 edition of the AFRIMA Awards.

She hails from Mombasa, and has got several millions of music lovers and fans; people craving with love for her music. She has a son whom she loves so much.

She had him with her first white love there in Kenya who allegedly took in another woman. Akothee is living the good life now, going to shows and performing at different lcations.

7. Wyre

Kevin Wyre

Wyre is a Reggae and B&B Kenyan musician known officially as Kevin Wyre. He's both a solo artiste member of music groups East African Bashment Crew and Necessary Noize.

Kevin Wyre started out in the year 2001 and has released two albums since then. He has gone to perform in platforms across African States like Uganda and Nigeria.

He has also worked hand-in-hand and collaborated with Nigerian duo music act P Square, Nigerian legendary musician 2Baba, Jamaican musicians Cecile, Morgan Heritage and Alaine.

Wyre has been consistent in the music industry and his name hasn't faded out since he stepped into the music sphere in the 1990s. This has given him relevance and maintained fame for him.

His recent album titled "Ten Years Wiser" was released to celebrate his 10 year music career on spanning, and was quite a hit and success for him.

Collaborations with international and national artistes has kept him relevant as he's seen in hit songs both by international stars and national stars, thereby making more money and name for himself.

An unmentioned fact is that Wyre has collaborated with several artistes in his own country, Kenya, and a couple of these national artistes include Vigeti, Nonini, Kidis, Benjamin Kabaseke, Prezzo and others.

8. Munyali

Size 8

Munyali is a Kenyan musician birthed as Linet Masiro Munyali on the 4th of August, 1987. Munyali is known otherwise as Size 8. She's a songwriter, a wonderful actress and a Kenyan music act.

She's famed for her songs titled "Shamba Boy" and "Moto". Formerly, she was a diehard secular artiste, but confirmed in 2013 that she was a changed and born again personality as she dropped a gospel single titled "Mateke".

The single was very much accepted by the majority of music lovers and it was aired in every corner. She has starred as a pro actress in the comic play titled Mashtaka.

Munyali, also known as Size 8 was brought up in Maringo Estate, Nairobi, alongside her 5 siblings. She was born to a Uganda father called Samuel Kirui, and a Kenyan mother called Esther Njeri. Size 8 attended the Dr. Livingstone Primary School.

Her parents were both members of the Clergy and she did well in her primary school as she topped the class with the highest test and exam scores and results.

9. Nonini


Nonini is also one of the richest Kenyan musicians today. He was birthed as Hubert Mbuku Nakitare on the 2nd of October in 1982.

He's an Hip-Hop musician, entrepreneur, philanthropist, a radio presenter and lastly, an entertainer. Nonini is known to record songs using sexually related lyrics and passing controversial messages.

Nonini, also known as "The Godfather of Genge" because he dropped the first Genge hit in he start of his music career, was a recording artiste initially signed under the Calif Records.

He later went on to join the Homeboyz Productions music imprint. Nonini got introduced to another imprint known as the Kenyan Urban Music with the release of the single titled "Nonini ni Nani".

This single was his debut music single and a hit in combination. Nonini later released a song which with he appreciated the beauty of Kenyan women. The song was titled "Manzi Wa Nairobi".

Manzi Wa Nairobi earned him so much fame and international attention, attraction and recognition. He released another single titled "Weh Kamu" shortly after the hit single, Manzi Wa Nairobi.

His debut album titled "Hanyaring Game" was later released in 2004. Nonini operates a video production company known as Pro Habo. The video production company has done well in past times and has successfully birthed the P Unit.

10. Willy Paul

Willy Paul

Willy Paul is an award winning Kenya musician birthed as Wilson Abubakar Radiodo. Particularly, he's a contemporary gospel musician, a big-time gospel artiste in Kenyan.

Willy Paul is also a praise/worship leader at Kasarani Church and songwriter who hails Kasarani in Nairobi and has won a couple of prestigious awards in times past.

In 2013, Willy Paul won the Male Artiste of the Year award at the Groove Awards. He has also toured the United States and performed at different Churches both in Kenya and the United States.

Amongst his songs are Sitolia, You Never Know and Kitanzi. Willy Paul gained recognition after he recorded the single titled "Sotalia" with his mentor, Gloria Muliro who bagged the Female Artiste of the Year award at the 2013 Groove Awards.

The song was a cause for criticism and controversy as Gloria Muliro allegedly owned exclusive copyrights to the song, thereby preventing co-recorder Willy Paul to earn less from the song.

However, in 2012, the duo settled themselves and together they released another hit single titled "Kitanzi". Willy Paul got nominated as Gospel Artiste of the Year at the Kisima Music Awards which he lost to Daddy Owen.