The Richest Tribe in Nigeria: What Tribe is it?

The Richest Tribe in Nigeria: What Tribe is it?

Writing about this topic could get me into serious trouble as it invites tribalism and nepotism into the minds of my beloved readers.

But notwithstanding the consequences for picking a tribe out of all other tribes and naming it the richest in the country, positing the richest tribe is the best thing to do. All tribes in Nigeria have both the poor and the rich people.

Let's not be too straightforward here, people are rich and poor mainly because of luck and the decisions they've made in the past. Being born into a family, or a tribe doesn't bring wealth with it.

With hundreds of tribes in the country, it would be very dissatisfying to say there exist the richest tribe in Nigeria. What's the Richest Tribe in Nigeria? Here's a list of the tribes which have been deemed richest in Nigeria:

#1: Hausa 

The Hausa people are usually considered the dumbest in the country; it's obvious from the way most of them dress and look, but, they're the richest people in the country.

They respect themselves, have great respect for tradition and culture. The Hausa people are dominant in the political sector of Nigeria drilling billions into their private pockets per month.

#2: Igbo 

Business-minded set of very intelligent people, the Igbo people are also one of the richest tribe in the country today. They have great zeal for business and a myth about them is that they love money (it's a myth).

The Igbo tribe have produced some of the wealthiest men in Africa and in business worldwide. In various sectors, including entertainment and finance, they have topped the list of most successful individuals.

#3: Urhobo 

Urhobo tribe is a minority tribe in Nigeria and it's considered one of the richest tribes in the State. The Urhobo people have a set of belief pattern different from the other tribes, especially relating to marriage and the marital life.

They have produced some of the most wealthy women in Nigeria mainly due to a fact that women are the burden carriers in the Urhobo land. They have been able to raise hard women who through labour have achieved to much more than millions of other male Nigerians.

#4: Yoruba 

Yoruba's are a major part of the country, occupying and controlling spheres in trade and education. They are considered one of the most intelligent and civilized tribe in Nigeria.

With a high sense of culture and respect for tradition, they've produced really wealthy men who can boast of controlling continental resources.

#5: Ijaw 

The Ijaws are respectful people with a great deal of value for their culture. They have produced some of the most respectful people that have made name internationally in both business and political matters.

They are business-oriented and believe in creating wealth and value through trade.