Igbos are the Most Educated Tribe in Nigeria?

Igbos are the Most Educated Tribe in Nigeria?

Are Igbo's truely the most educated tribe in Nigeria? Well facts from the web and educational history shows that it's true and it's not.

How true could this be? The Igbos are smart people, does this mean other tribes aren't? Just before we demystify the title of this post, a few brilliant tribes in Nigeria are: 

#1: The Calabas 

The calabar people have a funny accent, nearly 100% of them do have same accent mainly because of their mother language. This however hasn't stopped or limited them in any way, or given them a chance to blame mental failure on their tribeal language.

Today, most of the finest music producers and instrumentalists, musicians with a sound mind for music and anything production are Calabas. They have the ability to learn really complex things, other tribes do too.

#2: Yorubas 

Arguably the most knowledgeable tribe in Nigeria, the Yorubas are dominant in the banking sphere, entertainment sphere, and other Nigerian spheres where other tribes also dominate.

They are known a the best English speaking tribe in Nigeria as far as English language is concerned, and are excellent mathematicians and scientists. They a well known and developed tradition practicable outside Nigeria, and recognized.

#3: Ibibios 

Funnily, I've encountered several scenes in my place of study, my school, where Ibibos, I mean, all the Ibibios I know never fall below the grade C.

It's quite an excellent grade to not score at least for a first-class candidate, but people pray to get the grade. They're Al's clever, but not more nor less clever than the two aforementioned tribes.

#4: Hausas 

Hausas are seen are the poorest tribes in Nigeria, but is this true? How sure are you? How come the richest black man in Africa is from the race? How come past presidents are more Hausa people than other tribes?

How come Nigerian businessman Mohammed Indimi, politician Lai Mohammed and a ton of other Hausa/Fulani men occupy top positions in the country? Connection right? True to an extent I must concur, but they work really hard to make sure no one laughs at them when the connection comes.

The few elite Hausa men are extremely brilliant, and they have most of their children study really hard to bag a first-class degree in medicine from Universities across Nigeria.

But Igbos are Still the Most Educated Tribe in Nigeria, Right? 

Truely wrong. Brilliance isn't measured by from what tribe you originated. Tribal membership isn't even a metric for measuring intelligence, but if you think Igbos are the most educated tribe in Nigeria, we shouldn't find any illiterate Igbo in the country.

We shouldn't find any illiterate person from a tribe you think is the most educated in the country if indeed it is... But is that possible.

Illiteracy is everywhere on earth, and it has disqualified the essence of qualifying of tribe as the most intelligent.