How to Become a Brand Ambassador in Nigeria

How to Become a Brand Ambassador in Nigeria

You want to become a brand ambassador in Nigeria and get endorsement deals like several other celebrities in the country? It's not an easy task but yet, it's achievable.

Before spinning a few tips on becoming a brand ambassador, it's proper to enlighten you about the essence of being a brand ambassador as they have certain functions and definitions assigned to them.

Who is a Brand Ambassador? 

A Brand ambassador is an hired personality by a company to build the image of the company positively and showcase the company in a positive light.

Brand ambassadors help to increase brand awareness through promotional strategies, increase sales by influencing a bigger chunk of customer base to patronize the brand.

A brand ambassador can also be seen as a brand spokesperson, an influencer or public figure appointed by a brand to build sales and increase patronage through strategic promotion and techniques, especially revolving publicity.

How to Become a Brand Ambassador in Nigeria 

To become a brand ambassador in Nigeria, you'll have to:

#1: Become an Idol 

The one kind of people brands love to make their brand ambassadors in Nigeria are idols. Fashion idols, music idols, political idols and other idols in business and education. Now becoming an idol isn't a day's job.

You have to be good at what you do, become famed for something unique and win the hearts of millions of people who'll become admirers and then prospective buyers or customers to promote brands to when you eventually get endorsed.

Your ability to influence the decisions of people, especially the youth strength is a criterion to bagging endorsement deals with brands here in Nigeria.

#2: Win Contests 

These brands organize reality shows and contest, for example the Star Quest, MTN Project Fame and Peak Talent Show. Winners of these contents automatically become brand ambassadors.

So in Nigeria, becoming a brand ambassador with this point is cheap as you'll just have to qualify and emerge winner of contests hosted by the companies or brands.

While the winners of the shows get paid a certain amount of money, they also secure endorsement deals worth millions with the brands.

#3: Improve Your Social Skills 

This is the core and basis for endorsement deals. You have to possess social skills, interactive and persuasive skills.

Brands like Globacom endorse celebrities and figures who have managed to influence millions of Nigerian youths.

This is a must-have skill for brands to consider you an ambassador because a strongly positive social reputation for a popular celebrity will enhance promotion.

#4: Write an Application to the Brand 

Write an application to the brand you would like to promote or endorse and wait for approval. Have in mind that brands don't sign deals with normal people because it will eventually turn out to be wasteful and worthless deal.

Companies, especially in Nigeria will endorse you after application submission if you're a public figure, have a large following in reality and on social media, have achieved a lot in your field either as a renowned poet, a nationally or internationally recognized professor or a big-time entertainer.