How Much is Lil Kesh Collecting Per Show?

Lil kesh

About Lil Kesh

Lil Kesh is a blossoming Nigerian musician and one of the youngest in the industry. He raps in the Yoruba language like Olamide and Reminisce, and has dropped several hit songs which has topped music charts in the past.

He got to limelight with the release of "Lyrically", his hit song, which aired on TV and Radio stations in the country. The video was also really good and was acclaimed by most music lovers.

In no time, he started getting lovers in their hundreds of thousands, and soon enough, millions. Lil Kesh has performed on different platforms in Nigeria and other African countries.

A very important personality deserving of being mentioned when talking about the success of Lil Kesh, is Olamide - the mentor who managed his career till it became what it is today.

Lil Kesh was signed to YBNL, but broke out to form his own record label called YAGI (Young And Getting It).

He admits his career is still under the management of YBNL and he has no beef or quarrel with his former label boss, Olamide. He's worked with Viktoh, Adekunle Gold and other singers including Tekno Miles.

In 2015, Lil Kesh signed an endorsement deal worth N11.5 million naira with a sport betting company popularly known as SureBet.

How Much is Lil Kesh Collecting Per Show? 

Lil kesh

Lil Kesh is a diehard rapper and also the active kind of artiste on stage. He's highly talented and is also a good freestyle rapper.

Depending on the location of the event, Lil Kesh would charge around N1.5 million naira or more.

The amount of money artistes charge for shows is highly dependent on their level of popularity and success.