How Much Does Coldplay Charge for a Concert?

How Much Does Coldplay Charge Per Concert?

About ColdPlay

Coldplay are a rock band founded in 1996 by Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland. The music band was formed while Martin and Buckland were still studying at the University College London (UCL).

Chris Martin is the keyboardist and music composer for the band, and Jonny Buckland, a lead guitarist. The British band the in 1996 wasn't named Coldplay, it was formed as Pectoralz.

The name was again changed to Starfish after the bassist, Guy Berryman joined the band. A fourth member of the band, Will Champion, joined as a drummer and backup vocalist for the band.

In 1998, the band was rebranded and renamed Coldplay after a fifth member, Phil Harvey, joined. Upon becoming Coldplay in 1998, they released 3 EPs starting from the year of rename.

1998 also witnessed the release of "Safety", "Brothers & Sisters" and "The Blue Room" were both released under Parlophone; a record label they signed on to in 1999.

How Much Does Coldplay Charge for a Concert? 

How Much Does Coldplay Charge Make Per concert?

Coldplay are top stars now, especially after they surpassed Madonna to become the music stars with the fifth highest grossing tour of all time.

The tour, A Head Full of Dreams grossed a terribly high $412 million dollars, which went above Madonna's Stick and Sweet music tour. For a concert, they charge nothing below $750,000 dollars.