Deola Sagoe Net Worth: $970,000 Dollars

Deola Sagoe net worth

Deola Sagoe is a Nigerian fashion designer in Haute Couture with an estimated net worth of $970,000 Dollars. She's designs really expensive wears and is from Ondo State. She's prolific and has followers worldwide.

For the past 25 years in her career as a fashion designer, her works have spoken for her and open doors that ordinarily wouldn't have ever been opened to her. Her craft ha given her a mark worldwide and a name to her works.

Her designs are transforming aesthetically as she's capable of designing into reality a couple of differently practised African culture with the use of African handwoven apparel materials.

She's from a family of entrepreneurs, and that's part of the many reasons she's become a wealthy entrepreneur herself. Sagoe's family owns the Elizade Group. She's staggeringly intelligent as she studied Business Administration at the University of Miami.

She also obtained a Master's Degree from the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Nigeria, in the course of Finance and Management.

She has 3 daughters namely Aba, Tiwa and Teni with her ex husband, Kofi Sagoe, both of whom got separated after a marital jeopardy which was deemed unreconcilable.