Why and How Davido is the Richest Musician in Nigeria and Africa??

Why and How Davido is the Richest Musician in Nigeria and Africa??

Davido has been one of the top youngest artistes in Nigeria for a while now and our The Richest publication has gone a long way to declare his assets and worth musically with E Money, D'banjWizkid and popular Nigerian footballer, Mikel Obi

What's different is; Davido seems to have a billionaire Dad. This means that if you're richer than Davido, you'll have to be richer than his Dad too, right? His Father's wealth is his wealth.

He enjoys it and in future, it's going to be his and his half brother's. Davido currently lives a lavish life and is a Nigerian American citizen. How so? Citizen by birth to America and by Decent (His father's a Nigerian) to Nigeria. He's also musically literate.

He doesn't have the best voice in the music sphere, but somehow, his songs manage to get millions of views on YouTube after weeks of going live.

Dr Deji Adeleke has an estimated net worth of over $500 million dollars, and the last time we checked, the richest musician in Nigeria has a net worth lower than $100 million dollars.

While we may permit the fact that Davido's music money is what is put up for calculation to prevail, his wealth, including his Dad's, is unmatched.

This may be the richest musician in the whole of Africa as a son is everything his Dad is. In his song, "IF", Davido openly stated in between the music lines that his Dad has "N30 billion naira" (an amount that could be slightly above the summation of the top 10 richest musicians' wealth).

Though we may be disproved for facts relating to this young man, Davido, he's at the top of living the luxury life in Nigeria and Africa in entirety.

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