The Strongest Tribe in Nigeria: What Tribe Could this Be??

The Strongest Tribe in Nigeria: What Tribe Could this Be??

What tribe is the strongest in Nigeria? I tried asking myself a couple of questions and yet there's just tribe strong enough, or stronger than every other tribe. The strongest tribe in Nigeria would have all three of this characteristics:

#1: Physical Strength 

Everyone's born different and it doesn't really matter the tribe you are, our strengths can never be the same naturally.

People are born in different conditions and this simply means, no tribe is physically stronger than another as people forming the tribes are different and are from different roots.

Physical strength is determined by parental traits and diet, not tribe. Two tribes with natural strength are the Calabars and the Igbos.

Although physical strength is not determined by tribe, some tribes tend to produce the fittest and strongest athletes every time.

#2: Group Strength 

Group strength refers to the strength amassed from the conglomeration of people. Group strength means the rate unity and togetherness of a group.

It also means the love the group share as opposed to others. If indeed there is a tribe in Nigeria with the highest group strength, it's the Hausa tribe. They're united and are a brotherhood.

#3: Economic Strength 

It's arguably a fact that the most enterprising people, or tribe in Nigeria, is the Ibo tribe. The ibos are very resourceful, entrepreneurial and also, business minded. If there's any tribe in Nigeria with Economic strength, it's the ibos.

From the look of things, no tribe possesses all three features completely. This means every tribe is unique and the ideology of a strongest tribe in Nigeria, is simply a fad.