Nigeria and the Nigerian Environment: Making Our Kids Dull

Nigeria and the Nigerian Environment: Making Our Kids Dull

Let's not cover the fact to the face that Nigeria is a blessed nation, we know, we concur, but it's taking too much time to manifest its blessings. This backwardness somehow has lingered and spanned into the lives of the children born here.

This is why I swore to raise my kids outside the country, do that too, I woke up this morning and I was just wondering why some Nigerian kids are just not smart. A child caused people their lives in my dream (personal dream)...

And it was something anyone else could've done easily... The child was too sluggish like his country, too inept and solemn. The truth is, the Nigerian environment is in fact affecting our young ones and even the youth strength..

I've tried to tell everyone that we need change, I've shouted on this blog a couple of times about the change we need but it's going nowhere into Aso rock, presidential villa.

Just let the country wither, take your kids out and if you're not a spouse yet with kids, struggle hard enough to make sure your kids don't go through what you're going through.

There's no humility is suffering, there's no gain and that's why people kill everyday for money; for change; for a better family!