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Laura Ikeji's Net Worth

Laura Ikeji is a Nigerian dancer, fashion blogger and actress with an estimated net worth of $700,000 dollars.

She is a big-time fashionista, she runs a fashion blog and a mega fashion store in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria, from where she earns millions.

Laura Ikeji's Profile

Laura Ikeji biography

BIRTH NAME: Laura Ikeji

CAREER: Entrepreneur, Blogger, Dancer & Actress



BIRTH DATE: March 15, ?


SPOUSE: Ogbonna Kanu






DISPLAY NAME: Laura Ikeji Kanu

NET WORTH: $700,000 Dollars


Laura Ikeji's Biography, History & Records

Laura Ikeji biography and history

She was birthed in Imo State on the 15th of March in a year currently unknown, and is the younger sister to popular celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji.

She schooled elementarily at the Lagos Anglican Girls Primary School. Later on, she attended the Anglican Girls Grammar School there in Lagos State, Nigeria.

She is a graduate of Psychology from the University of Lagos (UNILAG). She is also a dancer and blogs at, her fashion news blog.

She's a also an actress and a trained psychologist. Laura Ikeji is actually the younger biological sister to Linda Ikeji, whom she would do anything to protect.

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Laura Ikeji net worth
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Laura Ikeji biography
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Laura Ikeji's Style & Performance

Laura Ikeji fashion

Laura Ikeji is harsh in style, she's incredibly stylish and that's why hundreds of thousands of people are turned to be her fan for life. She's also simple in personality and easy going.

Being a diehard fashionista, she dazzles in beautifully designed outfits and a lot of these are what she dresses her blog with.

Laura is a pretty mouthy person when it comes down to being defensive of her siblings, she would do anything to protect them and their images from not being tarnished socially.

Laura Ikeji's Awards & Nominations

Laura Ikeji blog

At this moment, she has received no awards to her works and fashion skills, but is worthy of a few awards someone in her skill and experience should be credited with.

Laura Ikeji's Personal Life

Laura Ikeji net worth and profile

Laura Ikeji is happily married and living with her husband; Ogbonna Kanu (Kanu Nwankwo's brother), they both have a son (named Ryan) together.

The fashion blogger and fashionista, Laura Ikeji, was proposed to by popular footballer Christopher Kanu, who is known officially as Ogbonna Kanu after a series of outing and lovely photos covered the web. He couldn't stop talking about the proposal and his beautiful love, Laura Ikeji.

In the wake of January, 2017, the couple got wedded with beautiful photos from the ceremony all over the web. Prior to the wedding, she had her Instagram handle named after her, but later renamed it Laura Ikeji Kanu.

Laura Ikeji sees life from another part of the curve. In a recent interview with Laura Ikeji, she unveiled a truth within her that being married means nothing much to her.

In reality, over 90% of women see marriage as one of the biggest achievement one can ever make, but for laura, it means less because the life she's in isn't as serious as people perceive it to be.

She's a young lady with a baby now, she's got more than a lot to achieve and that's a reason she puts it that marriage isn't much of an achievement.

She's a blogger, but with hopes and dreams to become a household name in the realm of fashion, become a Nigerian Zara, host her own reality shows and shops across several African States. Read the excerpts of what she said in the interview:
To some women, marriage is an achievement, to me Laura, it isn’t. Life isn’t that serious. I wanna achieve so much in my life, to be a Nigerian Zara, with stores all over the country and across Africa. Be a household name in fashion, have my own reality shows, so much to achieve. Leave me live my life the way I want to, don’t come with the married woman business. I beg you in God’s name, do you while I do me.
Laura Ikeji is also close friends with MC Galaxy, a Nigerian musician and Master of Ceremony. It is quite an old news now that the musician gifted her a cool N1 million to work on her shop.

She didn't really think it would amount to be 1m, she jokingly told him to be more than N200k, but 1m is what she got. They're close friends and from what has been gathered, there has not been a time MC Galaxy asked her out. What a friend.

Laura Ikeji's Limelight Shot

Laura Ikeji shopping

As the sister to a celebrity blogger like Linda Ikeji, fame has always been on her footprints the instance the celebrity blogger went viral and extremely popular as people wanted to know her siblings and parents.

Linda Ikeji, the billionaire blogger, is from a home of entrepreneurs, most of her siblings are entrepreneurs and Laura is our closest example.

Laura Ikeji Kanu has managed to be unique with content on her fashion blog, she's also followed by over 500,000 people on social media network, Instagram, and has thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and her sister's social network, LindaIkejiSocial.

Laura, in her own words, has a lot to achieve in this life other than being a married person, and while she tries to achieve these lot, the long arms of the media will keep her in the spotlight for fans to celebrate her projected success.

Laura Ikeji's Endorsement Deals

Laura Ikeji fashionista

Laura Ikeji Kanu is yet to sign an endorsement deal with a company.