Laila Ijeoma on Expert & Tips

Laila Ijeoma on Expert & Tips

Today on Expert and Tips, we have a topnotch blogger spilling tips to young and upcoming bloggers in Nigeria and outside the chores of the country.

Laila Ijeoma is the blogger at and founder of, a top gossip and breaking news blog authored by a Nigerian; Laila.

Laila Ijeoma: 
Be consistent. Hang in there. There will be days when it seems all your hard work isn't paying off. You are posting so much hot stories, yet you are not getting the buzz you think your blog deserves. 
When those days come, never ever give up. Those days happened to all top bloggers you see today. The day your story will change is just by the corner. Keep blogging and promoting your content. 
To an extent, she stands as hope to Nigerian bloggers and has inspired several news outlets and Nigerian bloggers.

Laila started blogging for fun and today, Lailas Blog is one of the top 10 most visited entertainment/gossip and news blog authored by a Nigerian in Nigeria.

Prior to creating a blog and becoming a full-time blogger, Laila Ijeoma was a big girl, earning about N200,000 naira monthly as a banker.