I Want to Become a Biafran!

I Want to Become a Biafran!

Honestly, I don't want to become a Biafran. Let's not settle for the fact that Biafra is a Myth; it's not a myth, It can happen and Nigeria could be separated.

I understand the meaning and pain behind the call for a new nation by th Igbos, but, this all started over 100 years ago and the first citizen of proposed IPOB; Nnamdi Kanu isn't suffering. Someone standing for a just cause doesn't mean he's right.

His decisions may be tailored to help the majority of Ibos in the country, but, are his motives right? Nnamdi Kanu will become the first president of Biafra if this happens and who knows the Biafra nation won't turn into a worse Nigeria with a tyrant system of policy regulation and government.

I'm on the fence right now and I'm still a Nigerian. If you want to be a Biafran, let's see the future outplay itself before our eyes.