How to Lead Worship for the First Time in a Church

How to Take Worship for the First Time in a Church

Being a chorister or a minister in Nigeria, the United States, Jamaica, Kenya, and anywhere else entails you know quite a thing or two about music and this includes having a sharp music sense.

Music is a spirit and you have to be more than just be a music guru to minister at church programmes and services.

Today's a very good Sunday and we'll e spilling tips on how to take worship (especially for the first time) in Church.

Here are a few things to do before mounting the altar as the lead vocalist that for the day: 

#1: Pray

The first thing to do is to pray. This means you're actually giving God a chance to work as you sing. Most times, you'll do well without prayers, but all you get after the successful "singing" is a loud applause from the congregation. For God to work and for things to happen while you're ministering, pray, give God the chance he deserves.

#2: Rehearse

The saying "Heaven help those who help themselves" outplays in this stage. While you've prayed and asked for divine manifestation in worship as you sing, it's logical and appropriate to rehearse your songs and fine tune your vocal strength so you don't break it when trying to hit a pitch on stage.

#3: Contain Your Fright

Stage fright is normal. Every great singer didn't become great overnight, they conquered, the did it again and again.

Looking at the crowd with all eyes on you, and the pastor's watching you, waiting for you to lead them? Yes that'll turn into a really awkward moment if you don't stop thinking about the congregation and focus on God.

#4: Move

Avoid staying in one spot. Move and feel the song you're singing, be real and stay relaxed. It's easy to put everything in place when you're not singing rehearsed and looking back at your backup singers while on stage; it's poor.

#5: Align the Songs 

There are different worship songs to sing, amongst the ones you must have selected, make sure they're aligned.

In other words, make sure a song leads to another song smoothly without disrupting the rhythm and disorganizing the performance and ministrations of the instrumentalists.

#6: Stay Connected 

While on stage, it's not advisable to open your eyes and keep looking at the congregation.

You'll lead them astray by sending a message that all you want is for them to worship and feel connected while you're unconnected. Stay connected and focused on the flow of the worship.