Failure is Part of Learning; We Fail to Succeed

Failure is part of learning

Indeed millions of people, if not billions, are afraid to make move just because they think they may fail and it's not worth the try nor the stress - negative assumptions.

This is why we have a few known billionaires in the world and we have more poor people who are still afraid to do anything. Failure is part of life, everyone failed at a time and it isn't the end life if you've failed at several things before.

You can definitely glide through riding on the wings of success if you keep at what you do. Keep pushing and don't give up because you're not really a failure until you stop trying.

I've failed at several things; from starting a blog, learning to write programs and codes, managing teams and groups, organizing stuff, to writing effectively daily.

It wasn't easy overcoming the task of writing or blogging daily but I realized it's who I wanna become and I must survive at it. No one's a perfect whole and you can't learn firsthand until you start failing and not quit trying.