Apple Net Worth: $170 Billion Dollars (Brand Value)

Apple net worth

Apple is a new world technology brand which has grown over the years to become the most valuable brand on the planet. Its stock went up the roof this year with over 20% increase.

With a progressive brand value of $170 billion dollars, Apple is now worth $750 billion dollars in brand value and expected to be worth more than a trillion dollars, in nearest future.

The first-class brand has spent over $1 billion dollars in brand promotion and advertising already.

In 2016 alone, Apple got over $215 billion dollars in revenue and invested over $60 billion dollars into running the business. Apple is worth more than Google, Toyota, Microsoft and Coca cola.

It makes significant tweaks to every gadget it releases, leaving users with a sense of manipulation over the new one.

What is Apple, and How it all Started? 

Apple is a world class international tech company based in Cupertino. It builds and sells computer devices and also manufactures software programs for both computer and android users.

Apple is the holistic brand responsible for the production of iPhone android mobile phones, Apple Watch, iPad tablets, Macintosh PC, Apple TV player and more innovative topnotch tech gadgets.

Apple's internet enterprises are also topnotch and they include iTunes (premium music online platform), iCloud, Apple Music and iOS App.

Software programs developed by Apple includes macOS, iWork Creativity Suites, iOS Operating System, Safari Web Browser, and more.

The company, Apple, was developed and founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in 1976. They sold and also built PCs (Personal Computers) to and for customers.

The company was officially Apple Computers Inc. as of the following year of business and they sold computers in large quantity.

A year later, business expanded and they began hiring staff to built and design computers and business kept booming with a new line of production engineered into the business scheme.

The company cofounded by Steve Jobs, Steven Wozniak and Ronald Wayne became popular in 1980 and gained financial stability.