Abiola Olaniran Net Worth: $400,000 Dollars

Abiola Olaniran net worth

Abiola Olaniran is one of the highest paid Windows Game Nigerian developers with an estimated net worth of $400,000 dollars.

In April 2012, Abiola Olaniran founded Gamsole; a Nigeria mobile game production company. Abiola started as a student partner at Microsoft under the tutelage of Shina Oyetoshe.

Shina realized the inbuilt talents in Abiola and decided to train and guide him; this was during the period Microsoft structured mobile phones were being moved to Nigeria.

Abiola and his team in 2010 went forward to represent the country, Nigeria, at Imagine Cup final for his innovation which according to him was the aftermath of the poor education inculcated in him from school.

The Imagine Cup is hosted annually by Microsoft, and it brings together student developers, programmers and coders to solve the toughest of world challenges.

It's also known as Microsoft's Flagship Competition. Abiola created an App to help students out and avoid being trapped by knowledge and information from same tutors.

The App, according to him, was developed to enable students receive an avalanche of lessons from varieties of tutors, especially from tutors better than the ones in their institution.

His love for softwares and software development grew when he turned 15 and wrote his first set of codes. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science in college, which greatly amplified his coding capabilities.